Moscow Muslims during Friday prayers will raise money for parents of murdered nurse girls, according to the website of the Spiritual administration. Previously there had requested not to link the brutal murder of a child to Islam.

The gathering will be held in mosques and communities of Moscow during Friday prayers, in which thousands of Muslims. Then money want to convey to the family of the dead girl. Spiritual administration of Muslims is positioning this action as a “symbol of a spiritual unification in the face of grief and the whole family is just shocked to the core of the Russian society”.

In the press release emphasizes: “it is Regrettable that the crime beyond understanding from the point of view of universal morality, and religion, are presented as committed by a person belonging to the Islamic religion. Not only the fact of official recognition of women insane, but that life for believers is inviolable and sacred, no doubt – moral character encroached on a defenseless child is infinitely far from true affiliation to the religion”.

The suspect Gulchehra Babakulov explained the murder of the girl revenge for the Russian bombing in Syria. The Kremlin decided prior to the psychiatric examination that it is “totally irresponsible woman”, and offered to be treated to her revenge on Vladimir Putin. Representative of the investigation Committee also emphasized that a person with an established diagnosis of schizophrenia motive at the time of the crime, as a rule, does not coincide with the explanation that he gives after the fact.

Muslims of Moscow will raise money for parents of murdered nurse girls 04.03.2016

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