In the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) until the 2018 world Cup there will be no revolutionary changes concerning the limit on foreign players. This was after the instruction received from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, declared the head of the Russian football Union Vitaly Mutko.

On Tuesday at a meeting of the Council under RF President on development of physical culture and sports and the Supervisory Board of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018″ Vladimir Putin chided the President Sankt-Petersburg “Zenith” Sergey Fursenko for the abundance of foreigners in his team and “made a number of recommendations” regarding the limit on foreign players.

“Any changes require a qualitative approach, yet stability is also moving forward. We made the decision, and it brings stability: all have become accustomed to see how to work in such a coordinate system. So before the world Cup we are not going to change anything, revolutionary solutions will not” – quoted Mutko TASS.

Today in the Premier acts limit for the scheme “6+5″, in which the field in the team can simultaneously be no more than six foreign players.

“You have to understand that the President himself athletic, always prepared for meetings, in the course of all things. He understands what he says. He has his own opinion: he always “pushes” on the protection of home-grown players. But I’m trying to explain that we are now in this position: our clubs play in European competitions must be a competitive environment”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

It is expected that after the world championship in the Premier League will be a different limit on foreign players. There was created a working group mandated to formulate proposals and submit them to the Executive Committee of the RFU.

“Of course, we must think about the quality of the guys who bring. Zenit have brought in good players, but we see that in some teams they are a completely different level. If the team has 25 players and 10-15 of them are foreigners, then what’s the point? So we thought: to keep this system and add some quality requirements or go for the new,” summed up Mutko.

Earlier in the Premier League acted the scheme “7+4″, according to which the field in the team can simultaneously be no more than seven foreign players. 2015/16 planned to prevent in the squad for the season 10 foreigners and 15 Russians with no limit on the number of foreign players that are simultaneously on the field. However, this reform soon was cancelled Mutko, to refer to the instructions of Putin. In the higher echelons of power was decided on the transition to the limit “6+5″ what clubs were simply made aware.

Mutko has promised not to change the limit, despite pressure from Putin 04.10.2017

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