Ex-Finance Minister and Chairman of the Board of VTB24 Mikhail Zadornov will become head of the reorganized Bank “FC Opening” after the completion of the work in the “Discovery” of the interim administration. Officially this was announced by the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina during the International banking forum, writes RBC. Previously reported sources in the financial market.

“The healing process “Discovery” is, as we have said, a few months”, – said the head of the Central Bank. After that, according to her, “the Bank will be capitalized, and “FC Opening” agree with CB strategy for sustainable growth of the company.”

In addition, will be announced on the transition in “Opening” the Director of the Department of financial rehabilitation of the Bank of Anna Orlenko. “Both managers are very strong candidates. They will have different posts talking about the specific powers and tasks of each of them is premature until the decision of the Central Bank”, – said one of the sources.

According to him, Orlenko can enter into a new management and now manages the interim administration.

Part Zadornov in the manual “Open” after working in the transitional administration will continue to Fund management company of the consolidation of the banking sector. While this is only declared, and technically, this will require a number of amendments to the legislation in order to make it possible to attract managers from among their employees.

For the first time that Mikhail Zadornov received the offer to lead the “FC Opening”, it became known in August.

VTB24 will soon be part of the United VTB Bank. There it can maintain its position as one of the Board members.

Nabiullina: Mikhail Zadornov moves as head of the VTB24 Bank “Opening” 14.09.2017

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