“Auerbach’s cellar” in Leipzig, one of the most famous restaurants in the world, got back missing some time ago the register of guests, which was conducted between 1859 and 1866. Writes DW-World, a unique artifact was returned by a German entrepreneur, who received it as a gift.

Many guests have left autographs in the book tipsy, which explains the presence of dozens of Biserkov several of Goethe and one of Napoleon III. However, the fact that the manuscript had a hand in the composer Edvard Grieg, no doubt.

The first mention of “Auerbach’s Cellar” is dated 1438 year. The name of the restaurant was named after its owner, Dr. Henry Stromer, who was a native of Auerbach. He received permission to trade wine for the excellent service of the Saxon kurfust.

While studying in Leipzig in the 1760-ies, in the cellar used to go to Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The regulars told him the legend about the famous magician Johann Faust rode the stairs to the exit on the street astride a barrel, and in this he was helped by the devil himself. The poet was so impressed that made the restaurant the setting for the first part of the tragedy “Faust”.

Найдена пропавшая книга с автографами гостей знаменитого погреба из “Фауста2″ 18.10.2016

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