State Duma Deputy and former Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya in a radio interview attributed to the commander Alexander Suvorov, the famous phrase of the hero of Griboyedov Comedy “Woe from wit”, triggering strong reaction from the social networks.

Recording of a snippet of conversation on the radio “Vesti FM” was posted in Facebook blogger Rustem Agamamou. For a couple of hours recording Poklonskaya has gained more than 1200 likes in the 800 reposts and three hundred comments, mostly ironic or insulting.

According to interview confidently communicates its position to leading: “you Know what they say… “do you want to Serve, but to serve the sick”… That corrects the quote to “Serve would be happy fawn sick”. This phrase says the protagonist of Alexander Griboyedov’s Comedy “Woe from wit” by Alexander Andreyevich Chatsky during the dialogue on the prospects and realities of the civil service.

The same calm tone Poklonskaya continues: “Yes. It’s our great commander Suvorov said. So…”… Leading tries to clarify: “I do Not Lermontov by chance?”. State Duma Deputy with a smile, offers another version: “And Suvorov too! So they both said.” Then the leader corrects himself, noting that this phrase is found in Griboedov’s, and says “Oh my God”.

On the website of radio shows photos October interview with Polonskaya in the same clothes, which is published in social networks a video. The transcript decided not to pay.

As the great Russian military leader Suvorov, would be happy to serve, I Borat.

Natalia Poklonskaya on the radio was a garbled phrase of Chatsky and attributed it to Suvorov 06.11.2016

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