Nationalist Vyacheslav Datsik by a nickname Red Tarzan tried to escape from custody during his escort from the courtroom in St. Petersburg, but he was twisted by the riot police of Regardie, reported on the Facebook page of this law enforcement structure in social network “Vkontakte”.

17 may during a court session in the Central regional court about prolongation of term of detention notorious fighter fighter brothels Datsik “began to behave unruly and aggressive”, therefore the judge decided to expel him from the audience.

When Datsik began to pull away, he resisted and caused injuries to one of the police officers who carried out the escort, and tried to leave the area of protection, but the OMON GU of Regardie in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, providing security during court session, thwarted the attempt and grabbed the Red-haired Tarzan, the report said.

Already twice convicted Datsik 19 may 2016, is under arrest in the detention center N1 “Crosses”. Against it criminal case under article 162 (“the Robbery made by a group of persons with use of objects used as a weapon”) and item 139 (“trespassing”) of the criminal code.

On the night of 18 may 2016 Datsik attacked underground public house on Vasilyevsky island, expelled the prostitutes and their clients naked on the street and took him to the police. The same night he’s in search of prostitutes rushed into the boutique Otel Graftio. According to investigators, Datsik made a mistake and broke into the room where slept the good woman he dragged him into the corridor, accompanying their actions with insults. The woman managed to escape and Datsik then detained and placed into custody.

In mid-April, a similar “RAID on the brothels” was conducted by Datsik in Moscow. Meanwhile Datsik in the future, in addition to the raids on brothels and planned to fight against the Turks, who are building in St. Petersburg intercity toll motorway.

In mid-March, Red Tarzan was released from a Krasnoyarsk colony where he was serving a five year sentence for robbery, committed in groups.

Datsik was an activist of the banned in the Russian nationalist organization “Slavic Union”, led by Dmitry Demushkin. Red Tarzan has also participated in competitions on fights without rules.

Nationalist Red Tarzan tried to escape from the guards, but his twisted riot of Regardie 18.05.2017

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