In the European leadership of NATO, after the victory of Donald trump in the presidential elections in the United States fear the withdrawal of American troops from Europe and discuss options to compensate for this. One of the possible a review of the role of nuclear weapons in the defense of the Alliance, says the German weekly magazine Spiegel , citing a secret report, presented to the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

During the election campaign, trump has repeatedly expressed its scepticism towards NATO and pointed out that the United States could pay less attention to the security of Europe and more on his own. In the European leadership’s fear that Washington under the new administration decides to withdraw part of its troops from Europe.

In the report of the headquarters Stoltenberg considers the opportunity to respond to this scenario, which experts believe to be the worst. If elected leader of the United States really dare to take this step, to compensate for the loss can hardly even countries such as Germany, as they have no compounds that could replace the us, the article quoted by TASS. Therefore, this factor could coerce the governments of the EU to the debate on the role of nuclear weapons in the defense system of the unit.

NATO countries should allocate in the General Fund of not less than 2% of its GDP. The US gives 3.6%, the UK at 2.1%. However, the other countries do not fulfill this requirement, for example the share of Germany is 1.2% of GDP.

Trump during the election campaign, said that NATO allies “ream US”, which ensure the security of the Alliance. “They should either pay, including for past arrears, or to get out, – said the billionaire. And if NATO will fall apart, then fall apart.”

NATO fear the withdrawal of some U.S. troops from Europe and offered to reconsider the role of nuclear weapons 12.11.2016

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