NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged to revise the Vienna Treaty with Russia regulating military exercises and the deployment of troops in Europe. In an interview with The Financial Times, Mr Stoltenberg admitted that the Alliance fear the risk of accidental or sudden start of the war. In addition, the exercises can be used as a cover for military interventions.

“According to Stoltenberg, it is necessary to review the security arrangements established during the cold war, hot line, emergency communication, informal channels of contacts between the military and technical cooperation, adapting them to the modern era”, – said in the article, which quoted InoPressa.

NATO believes that the reform of the Vienna document – the task priority. In the negotiations the Alliance is ready to make some concessions, for example in the recent issues of strengthening positions in Eastern Europe and missile defence.

Under this agreement, signed in 1975, NATO and Russia are obliged to regularly exchange graphs of all of the exercises and to provide full details of re-deployment of troops and to invite observers from all OSCE countries to the exercises, which involved more than 13 thousand soldiers.

But since 2013, Russia has conducted about a dozen major military exercises as “sudden”, which allowed it to circumvent the requirements of the Vienna document. “Sudden the teachings become the new norm, rather the exception – in a huge loophole that undermines the very idea of notices about the exercise, – said Stoltenberg. We are also seeing more funds of waging a hybrid war application…

civil and military means, open and secret operations. The existing rules have been developed in completely different realities and circumstances.”

According to NATO Secretary General, “the bar” at 13 thousand participating in the exercises of the soldiers for the invitation of observers should be reduced. And if there are sudden teachings, provision is to be made “unannounced inspections” offers Stoltenberg.

As noted by The Financial Times, NATO is concerned that Russia may use maneuvers to cover armed intervention. In the North Atlantic Alliance said that Russia can easily invade or occupy the territory in the small Baltic state, using much less 13 thousand troops.

In August this year, the British centre of the European Leadership Network has prepared a report “Preparing for the worst: whether increase military exercises of Russia and NATO, the probability of war in Europe?”. The document said that over the past 15 months, the confrontation between Russia and NATO has significantly escalated due to the conflict in Ukraine.

The situation was worsened by exercises, which were conducted on its borders both Russia and NATO countries. As an example, the center analyzed the teachings of Russia in March 2015, in which participated tens of thousands of troops. Maneuvers were conducted in the Baltic and in the Arctic. In addition, the British centre cites the example of a series of NATO exercises Shield Allied (the”Allied Board”), held in Eastern Europe in early June 2015. In the maneuvers of the military Alliance was attended by over 15 thousand people. Also, it is worth mentioning the large-scale Russian military exercises “Center”, which in September was attended by over 100 thousand people, and about the largest in a decade NATO exercises Trident Juncture (“Connection Trident”), which are at the moment.

In ELN noted that exercises of Russia and NATO countries say about their potential plans to participate in the war and confrontation, although both sides continually claim that their efforts are directed exclusively against a hypothetical opponent. In the British centre had also drawn attention to the fact that the situation is aggravated by the suddenness of the teachings, when their not warned in advance, as it was in March with the Russian maneuvers.

NATO Secretary General proposes to revise the contract with Russia about military training, for fear of an accidental war 06.11.2015

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