NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has made an appeal to elected U.S. President Donald Trump, warning him about the dangers of U.S. withdrawal from the Alliance, weaken, or collapse. At the same time he recognized the validity of trump’s claims that a significant portion of the NATO countries are underpaid for their participation in it. The appeal was published by the British newspaper The Guardian.

Stoltenberg points out: “We face the largest for a generation of challenges to our security. Now is not the time to question the value of partnership between Europe and the United States.” (Quoted by RIA “Novosti”.)

He also recalled that the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in new York and Washington was the only case where NATO used article 5 of the Charter on assistance to allies in case of attack on one of the members of the Alliance: “And it was not only symbolic support. NATO also took over the operation in Afghanistan, where he served tens of thousands of soldiers. More than a thousand of them paid the highest price in the operation, which was a direct response to the attack on the United States.”

In recent years, Europe and the United States carried out the most extensive since the cold war, strengthen collective defense due to the aggressive policy of Russia and instability in the middle East, reminds Stoltenberg. And the United States is reaffirmed their commitment to the protection of European security by posting a new armed team in the East.

While the NATO Secretary General acknowledged that the strength of the partnership depends on the fairness of the distribution of responsibilities between members of NATO: “today, the US accounts for almost 70% of the costs of the Alliance on defense, and their calls for a more equitable distribution of the load is justified”. However, no specific guidance as to who and how would pay to the funds of NATO, the letter does not contain.

NATO countries should allocate in the General Fund of not less than 2% of its GDP. The US gives 3.6%, the UK at 2.1%. However, the other countries do not fulfill this requirement, for example the share of Germany is 1.2% of GDP.

Trump during the election campaign, said that NATO allies “ream US”, which ensure the security of the Alliance. “They should either pay, including for past arrears, or to get out, – said the billionaire. And if NATO will fall apart, then fall apart.” The Alliance in its present form he called “outdated” and “useless” organization.

NATO Secretary General warned trump about the dangers of the collapse of the Alliance 13.11.2016

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