The leader of the progress Party and the head of the FBK Alexei Navalny explained the decision of four of the five parties of the Democratic coalition, which had planned to run for the state Duma in the United list of withdrawal from the Union. According to the oppositionist, “the endless fencing party leaders from the opinions of voters defeated the democratic opposition. About it Navalny wrote in his blog.

“While creating the Democratic coalition were two of the most important iron and agreements: the lists are based on PARNAS and are formed only through the primaries. That these agreements can not retreat, and everything else the coalition can and should be solved on the basis of the political situation. Just the arrangement we have violated by giving the benefit of M. M. Kasyanov. For which he received ignore voters,” explained Bulk.

The opposition leader acknowledged that good to Michael Kasyanov, however, did not share the opinion about the need for uncontested choice of ex-Prime Minister of the Russian Federation as the first number in the list of the coalition in the upcoming elections to the state Duma this autumn.

“We go to the polls in order to comply with some understanding or to win? It is important for us to honor Mikhail Kasyanov or consolidate democratically minded voters? Elections – they are about what is beneficial to voters, not about how to dance the dance before the party leader,” continued Bulk.

In his opinion, the party must sit and think” how to get more votes, but in reality it turned out that in the coalition were busy with the question of “how to overcome first place for our irremovable leader and explain that it is necessary to rally and there is no alternative”.

On Thursday it was also published the official statement of the progress Party, which the party leadership admitted mistake decision taken in December last year, the introduction of special exemptions-privileges for the leader of PARNAS and grant him first place in the list without primaries.

“The price of this error was a flurry of criticism from our supporters, the sharp fall of interest in the primaries of the democratic coalition and the debate participants. We share political responsibility for this error”, – declared in party.

In the statement issued by the Central Council of the party, emphasized that its members can make their own decisions about personal participation in the primaries and the nomination in single-mandate constituencies.

“We urge all parties of democratic orientation, maximum use of competitive procedures for the nomination of candidates on the lists and single-mandate constituencies. We urge the Yabloko party and PARNAS to do anything to eliminate the competition in single-mandate constituencies, and to jointly nominate candidates with the highest chances to win”, – summed up the Party of progress.

The leader of “Democratic choice” Vladimir Milov, who supported the withdrawal from the democratic coalition, in turn, explained the collapse of not only the first number changes in the list, but poor performance from the ex-Premier as leader of the coalition.

“The decision on the impact Kasyanov first place in the list, as I already wrote, was not unconditional. In exchange, he was supposed to work as it should as the first room. He worked not. We returned to the issue of compliance with our agreements. All legal, all within the framework of agreements,” Milov wrote on his website.

On the eve of Kasyanov himself in an interview with TV channel “Rain” called care companions Navalny and Milov from the coalition with the error: “the Events that have challenged our agreements last fall, did not happen… the Pressure on us was expected. But we have to keep moving. If we are afraid to move forward, the government will still increase the pressure.”

Navalny explained the collapse of the democratic coalition reluctance “to honor” ambitions Kasyanov 28.04.2016

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