Opposition leader Alexei Navalny and staff he founded the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) continued investigation of the success of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who the media called “Putin’s personal chef”. In another publication policies linked billionaire Russian restaurateur with Prigogine’s personal acquaintance with the President of the Russian Federation. On the basis of the information received Bulk re-addressed in FSB with the request of the investigative activities of a businessman.

“One day in 2001, he (Prigogine. – Approx. NEWSru.compersonally ministered to him (Vladimir Putin. – Approx. NEWSru.comin the restaurant and liked it. Then, as they write about him in the media, a sort of court jester. Then began to organize the birthday Putin. He received the award in gratitude for the good service of the President as a tip. He said – now you can freely and with impunity to engage in corruption. Here you are, 140 million people go and earn them, and we’ll sign it”, – Navalny wrote.

According to him, it was after a personal acquaintance Prigogine with Vladimir Putin the businessman “showered with orders from the horn of plenty.” In 2003, according to Navalny, restaurateur organized a Banquet on the occasion of the birthday of the President. Five years later, his company was responsible for servicing guests during the inauguration of Dmitry Medvedev.

From 2010 to the present day Prigogine at different times received government contracts to supply food emergency, military, Moscow schools, sanitation (cleaning services) of military institutions, service housing for military camps, fuel supply for boilers and new construction for the defense Ministry, as well as the current repair of objects of the military Department, says opposition.

“FBC has done a great job and created relationships between companies Prigogine. We legally prove that he is organizing cartels for illegal windfall profits on public procurement. Including Prigogine’s just robbing the Russian army. It is a criminal group, and today we sent a letter to the FSB of the Russian Federation with the requirement to initiate an investigation against this character” – summed Bulk.

Note that even in August, the FCO sent to the Federal security service of the appeal with a request to check the company of businessman Eugene Prigogine on suspicion of conspiracy to receive billions of dollars of contracts for the repair of objects of the Ministry of defence.

Then, the FCO conducted an investigation of Prigogine, whom the press considers the “untouchables” of the “cohort of close ties,” the President, in parallel with the publication “Fontanka”. Both teams came to the same conclusions: state contracts for maintenance of the closed facilities of the Ministry of defense received one-day firms created owned by Prigogine, OOO “Megaline”.

Eugene Prigogine is known for his large projects in the restaurant business. So, controlled by businessman company “Concord” has previously acquired the right to execution of the contract on the organization of food services in St. Petersburg and Moscow, including in schools and military units. In January 2016, the FCO described the scheme, which resulted in the company, according to the Foundation, affiliated with Prigogine, received contracts for 40 billion roubles for maintenance of military camps. Prigogine has also been associated with the organization and financing of the so-called Troll factory in the suburbs of St. Petersburg Olgino.

Press Prigogine refers to the “inner circle” of Vladimir Putin. Belonging to the businessman of Petersburg the ship-restaurant ” New Island in 2001, the Russian leader had dinner in the company of the then President of France Jacques Chirac, the media wrote, noting that Prigogine personally served the heads of state filed and exchanged their plates. Then began the rise of his career.

In recent years, the media repeatedly published the revelatory materials about Prigogine. According to representatives of the press, the publication did not go unnoticed. Recently, journalist Yulia Latynina, doused with feces in Moscow, linked the incident with the publication in “Novaya Gazeta” materials about Prigogine. The name of the restaurant sounded when describing attacks on the opposition in St. Petersburg.

Navalny published the success story of “Putin’s cook” and complained of him to the FSB 04.10.2016

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