The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is considering the unprecedented power of the cyber-attacks against Russia in response to her alleged interference in the American presidential election, according to broadcaster NBC , citing sources in the intelligence services.

Current and former officials familiar with the situation claim that the White house asked the CIA to provide opportunities for large-scale secret cyber operations, which could undermine the position of the leaders of the Kremlin.

The sources did not elaborate on what specific measures are at issue, but noted that the intelligence office has already started “to open the cyber door” and sets objectives for future operations.

Former employees of us intelligence, told NBC News that the CIA had collected a pile of documents, able to expose the “vicious tactics” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Surveyed channel experts believe that the main goal of the CIA should be the ability of the Russian authorities to censor domestic segment of the Internet.

“It is well known that the Russian oligarchs brought their country a lot of money to offshore accounts. If this story were removed the veil of secrecy, it would be a fitting response to a hacker attack from Russia,” said retired Admiral James Stavridis.

Two former CIA officer, “who worked on Russia,” he told NBC that Washington is not the first time allow the exploration of such a task, however, in the end, always refuses the plan.

“We never dared to use our research, but it is a political decision. If someone decided: “we’ve had enough”, then we really can make a difference. First step: remind the Russian that this game can play two. Second step: if we’re going to invade their networks – we can do it, but you have to understand that they can bring us more trouble in other areas,” said one of the sources.

Vice President Joe Biden in an interview said that Washington really is considering taking action against Russia. However, he added that “it will happen in the time that we choose, and under those circumstances when the effect will be greatest”. About what measures there is a speech, Biden explained.

We will remind, in July, WikiLeaks published more than 19 thousand emails the national Committee of the US Democratic party. Responsibility for the hacking took on a hacker under the name Guccifer 2.0.

Despite the fact that the FBI investigation is ongoing, a number of representatives of the Democratic party, including President Barack Obama and candidate for the post, Hillary Clinton, has not ruled out a connection of a hackers with the Russian authorities, who, they claim, are trying to influence the outcome of elections in the United States.

During the first round of debate with trump, Clinton accused his opponent that he “invited the Russians to” organize the attack. Trump denied the charges and said that the Russian involvement in the incident has not been proven.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in September, has denied reports of Russian involvement in hacker attacks on e-mail US Democratic party. “I don’t know about that. You know, so many hackers today, and they are so intricate, so subtle, can show up in the right place at the right time your “footprint”. This brand trudnoperevarivaema thing, if it’s even possible to check it”, – said the head of the Russian state.

NBC learned of the impending attack of the USA against Russia 15.10.2016

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