Archaeologists have found in the Bryansk region statuette of a woman carved from the Tusk of a mammoth during the ice age, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Institute of archaeology RAS.

“Time of the upper Paleolithic, which refers Kotylevskaya Parking, is a time of youth art. It would seem that the people of that time had to do only the first steps on the path of artistic creativity. However, we are constantly faced with beautiful works of fine sculpture, engravings, ornamented objects. Masterpieces of the time due to their expressiveness and excellence have a strong impression on specialists and distant from the archaeology of people”, – said Konstantin Gavrilov, Institute of archaeology, RAS.

“This statue refers to the time average of the upper Paleolithic, and the cultural layer in which it lies, has a radiocarbon date of 23 thousand years ago”, – quotes the website Gavrilova “NL”. Its height is about five inches.

“Paleolithic Venuses”, which is found a statuette represent the figures of women with wide hips, a big belly and Breasts. These statues were executed by artists of the stone age from scrap materials – stones, mammoth tusks and fangs other large animals.

The figures relate to the period of the upper (late) Paleolithic, which dates from the 40-12 thousand years ago. The first such discovery was made in 1864 during the excavation of the Parking lot Logari Bass in the South-West of France. Then they are repeatedly found in Europe, in Central Russia and in Siberia.

Kotilevsky Park archaeologists explore since 1993, and the complex where the statue was found – with 2005. According to radiocarbon Dating, this place was inhabited by tribes of hunter-gatherers in the period 24-21 thousand years ago.

Near Bryansk, archaeologists found a female statue, embodying the ideals of beauty 23 thousand years ago 17.04.2017

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