A police helicopter in the night of Sunday Moscow time crashed in the town of Charlottesville, where previously broke out large-scale riots in connection with demonstrations of the ultra-nationalists. Edition of The Daily Progress , citing a police statement reports that as a result of the incident killed two people.

The helicopter belonged to the police of Virginia, crashed in a forest a few miles West of Charlottesville near the Golf-court Birdwood. Of those who were on the ground, no one was hurt, said police.

The causes of the incident to date is not called. It is only known that a helicopter flew very low over the houses, and then headed towards the forest, where he was wrecked.

Earlier in Charlottesville was introduced a state of emergency after the city broke out in violent clashes with right-wing extremists by their opponents. The clashes began after the action of the organization “Unity of right”, during which the nationalists protested against decisions by local authorities to demolish the monument to the commander of the army of the Confederate States of America Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870).
Hundreds of right-wing activists, including members of the racist organization, the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis, was involved in clashes with those who oppose their actions and demonstrations. The law enforcement officers had to use force to disperse demonstrations.
In that moment, when the riots began to subside, a crowd of demonstrators crashed the car. Driver at full speed , and pushing people, and then backpedaled and fled the scene. He was soon arrested, and the police opened a case about premeditated murder. Eye-witnesses insist that it was a terrorist attack.

Near Charlottesville crashed police helicopter 13.08.2017

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