Investigators in Krasnoyarsk region opened a criminal case on the 40-year-old resident of the village Karatuzskoe suspected of pedophilia. The man abused own daughter, I saw for the first time in 14 years. The girl herself came to his parent decided to engage him in conversation.

At present, the suspect is detained as article 91 UPK the Russian Federation, reports the official website of the regional CSO RF IC.

According to the preliminary version, January 26, 2017 14-year-old girl “came to the village of Karatuzskoye to his father, which had never been seen, with the desire to communicate”. On the first date father sexually abused a schoolgirl, “having used absence of the house witnesses.”

The detainee is charged with part 3 of article 131 of the criminal code (“statutory Rape”). It is threatened by punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 15 years.

Like the cynicism of a sexual crime is committed in the Vladimir region. There are 12-year-old girl had also expressed willingness to communicate with his father, who lived apart from his family and worked as a welder. On the evening of 23 January 2017 the man called his daughter, invited me to visit, promising to give the money for small expenses.

“After talking she began to play on the computer, and the man in front of the baby drank alcohol. At some point, using a helpless status of a minor child, the suspect committed the rape of his daughter”, – informs the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

The next day the victim told about the incident his mother, who immediately appealed to law enforcement agencies.

“Given the severity of the trauma is transferred, on the initiative of the investigator of the investigatory Committee of Russia with the injured 12-year-old girl works age psychologist,” – said in a press release.

Against 41-year-old father of the victim filed a criminal case under paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 131 of the criminal code (“Rape of a minor”). He faces up to 20 years in prison.

The suspect says he didn’t realize his actions because he was drunk. Investigators also do not rule out that he has a mental disability. The man had previously brought to criminal liability for property crimes, according to “TV-6 Vladimir”.

According to police statistics, in 2016 at the hands of criminals injured 161 juvenile resident of the Vladimir region, and 98 of them suffered from the actions of pedophiles. And only in one case the rapist was a close relative of the victim. However, as experts consider, this does not indicate a small fraction of such crimes, and their high latency. Children often conceal the facts of violence involving loved ones, the number of possible witnesses within the family is minimized and they are also often not in a hurry to go to the police. Moreover, in some cases, mothers of raped children side with their husbands are pedophiles.

Near Krasnoyarsk the man raped 14-year-old daughter, who joined him to meet you 27.01.2017

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