The Prosecutor’s office of Omsk region ascertains the circumstances of the death of 15-year-old resident of the village of Roshchino of the Gorky district. According to preliminary official version, a young man named Yefim received fatal injuries by falling from a bungee. However, there is evidence that the accident was staged by young students who had a fight with Yefim while playing on the football field.

According to mother Efim Olga Horst, about his son’s death, she learned from two of his buddies, writes They knocked on the window and said: “Aunt Olga, come on, there Yefim bad, he bungee fell.”

The woman ran to the site, where hung a rustic homemade swing. “Efim lay under a bungee, in the eyes of garbage, – says Olga. – I rushed him to do artificial respiration. And the air back out.”

Pulse the teenager was gone. Olga noticed that he had on his hands were gloves, although Yefim never did, even in winter, in severe frosts. “I began to improve, and there is bruising, as though his hands were held by someone,” added the mother of the deceased.

Arrived on the scene, the doctors suggested that the misanthrope broken in the cervical spine, which shows the accident.

However, Olga does not believe that employers could receive a fatal injury when falling: swing hung low.

Suspicions of the woman was confirmed by the neighbor kid. He said that between Efim and his two friends at the age of 11-12 years old that day, a fight broke out on the football field. The quarrel arose from the fact that the teenager touched one of the boys during the game.

After the death of Yefim his opponents at the fight began to threaten the young witness with death if he will not be silenced. “Otherwise it will happen the same thing,” they said.

Family of Yefim moved to Roshchino of the Cherlaksky district. “Ferrari had conflicts with the local boys. But then they seem to be friends”, – says Olga Gorst.

To date, the investigators found that during the fight on the football field one of the boys hit the Efim in the chest. The teenager fell to the ground and never got up. Frightened, the students took him to the swing to make it look like an accident.

According to Olga that hit her son’s 12-year-old boy previously twice tried to commit suicide. Now relatives of the murder suspects avoid contact with the mother of Yefim. “No apologies I did not bring”, – says the woman.

It is known that Efim almost all the time spent at home, helping on the farm. The school he attended as boy in the second grade was diagnosed with “failure to learn”.

Yefim regularly examined physicians. In 2013 MRI was done, which showed that no major changes in the brain of a teenager there. Based on these data, Ferrari had problems of a psychological nature.

Therefore, the family of a teenager surprised by the results of the forensic examination. In conclusion says that the death was caused by brain edema.

“Doctor of medical Sciences, neurosurgeon writes that the cause of death was hydrocephalus. That is, in the vernacular “water”, – said Vladimir Kuleshov, the Chairman of the public organization “the Inspector General”. – He explains that this could happen if the child had congenital or infectious diseases. But the misanthrope was a certificate that he is healthy.”

According to Kuleshov, you must establish the cause of the swelling which appeared suddenly.

Let’s add, that was involved in the death of Yefim students have not yet reached the age of criminal responsibility. Therefore the punishment for murder they are not threatened in any way.

Near Novgorod a teenager killed pensioners

In the Novgorod region the police detained 15-the summer inhabitant of the village of Lazarica Parfino district, who is suspected of killing the elderly. The second figurant of criminal case became 19-the summer fellow villager of the teenager, reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

The investigation began the afternoon of 19 November 2016, when the neighboring houses of the village of Lazarica was discovered a woman’s body 1932 year of birth men born in 1930, with signs of violent death.
It was later found that the suspects on the night on November 19, entered the house to the pensioner-fellow-villager and began to beat her, demanding money. The woman pointed, which holds her savings, and robbers stole 11 thousand rubles.

To cover up the crime, the attackers struck the landlady numerous times with a knife in the neck. The victim died at the scene, but the suspects hid the body in the closet and disappeared.

“Then the young men decided to steal a car from a neighboring house,” – said in a press release. To this end, they entered the house and stabbed the owner. The pensioner died from wounds in the chest. The perpetrators took away his car “Oka” and disappeared.

A criminal case was opened under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two or more persons”). At the direction of the acting head of the SU IC of Russia in the Novgorod region Ekaterina Gelinas the investigation lead by the most experienced investigators and criminologists.

Near Omsk students suspected in the murder of a disabled teenager, who “fell from bungee” 21.11.2016

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