In the city of Bataysk of the Rostov region burned down the shop for the production of insulation Penopleks. The fire killed one person. The fire threatened nearby buildings, to localize the fire tried three hours.

Message about the fire was received at 13:40 GMT. The Agency TASS in EMERCOM in the region said: “the building caught Fire 25 to 100 meters, there was a danger of spread of fire to neighboring buildings. The fire was localized at 16:10 GMT. on the area of 2000 square meters and 35 minutes extinguished”.

After extinguishing in the premises of the plant found the body of a man.

For extinguishing fires from EMERCOM were involved in 49 personnel, 14 units of equipment.

SOUS SK across the Rostov region informs on the beginning of the preliminary investigation into the death of a person: “currently, the investigator conducted a scene examination. The audit investigation will be established the cause of the fire and the circumstances of the death of the person. The results of the audit investigation will be a procedural decision”.

The cause of the emergency becomes clear.

Near Rostov extinguished the fire on the production of the insulation: fire engulfed 2,000 square meters 30.10.2016

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