In the Saratov region removed unused mine rocket complexes of strategic purpose. As reports “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, this is done with explosives, so the local residents were informed in advance about these events. Blow up the silos will be through November 23, told the government of the region.

“Works are carried out in accordance with international obligations under the Treaty between Russia and USA on strategic arms reduction start-3, in the framework of the state defense order and Federal target program “Industrial disposal of weapons and military equipment for 2011-2015 and for the period till 2020″, – said the Deputy Chairman of the regional government Valery Saraev.

In mines were previously rocket launch facilities of the Taman missile division of strategic purpose. Subversion will be held in ten venues in the Tatischevo, Saratov, and the districts of the region. Responsible for the blowing up of a commercial organization “Acorn”.

According to Sarajevo, the schedule was approved as the command of strategic Missile troops, and to draft a conclusion of industrial safety expertise. The authorities assure that work is carried out with observance of necessary safety measures, no threat to the population no idea.

In the Network appeared the photographs unnecessary missile silos. Saratov portal “Public opinion” has published pictures of surface mines, which made one of the locals, laying them on social networks. The photographs show the iron hatches which are open space, possibly in the field. All of them are open.

We will add that the local police have repeatedly detained citizens who were stealing metal from abandoned mines for future sales. Thus, in 2010, in Lysogorsky area of the Saratov region on the facts of the five criminal cases were initiated. In October 2013, while checking cargo ship in the river port of Saratov customs officers found part of the protective device for silo launchers of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, weighing 15 tons, prepared for shipment abroad.

The Taman missile division based in the village of Light the Saratov region since 1964. In service connections are missiles silo-based RS-18 “Stiletto” and the RS-12M2 “Topol-M”.

Note that the Russian-American start-3 Treaty has been under the threat of termination. In particular, Moscow promised to give a “tough response” to the deployment of U.S. missile defense in Europe, and in 2011, Dmitry Medvedev holding then a post of the President of the Russian Federation, statedthat Russia would withdraw from start Treaty, will waive steps in the field of disarmament, and also will be placed on the West and South strike systems “Iskander”, which provides total fire defeat of the European component of missile defense.

In March of this year it became known about a successful test of a new Intercontinental ballistic missile “Boundary”, nicknamed “killer”. As noted in the defense Ministry, this is one of the responses to the deployment of American global missile defence system. However, the development of missiles did not violate the requirements of the start-3 Treaty and the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF).

On 10 November, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will take retaliatory measures on strengthening of strategic nuclear forces: will develop a shock system that can overcome any missile defence system.

Near Saratov dismantled missile silos in the framework of the Treaty of the Russian Federation and the USA about reduction of strategic armaments 11.11.2015

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