Near St. Petersburg there was an accident at the Leningrad nuclear power plant (LNPP). Because of a broken pipe with steam was stopped by unit N2, said on the website of the city of Sosnovy Bor. Citizens of Leningrad watch “the Apocalypse”, but environmentalists think, could be radioactive steam.

At the station there was a break of a pipe with hot steam. White smoke over the station managed to film the witnesses photos appeared on a social network “Vkontakte”. Industrial space second unit also was filled with hot steam. Because of this, workers had to go home.

It was decided to stop the unit. “Being rachelaziani block in order to eliminate the defect,” reads the statement of Director of Leningrad NPP Vladimir Nikolai, which is available on the website of the station. At SELA created the Commission, which is investigating the causes of the formation of steam in the factory building, reports “Interfax”.

As a result of the incident injured one employee who was brought to the hospital with a hypertensive crisis.

Environmentalists immediately cared what happened. The fact that LAES are Soviet reactors that are of type “single”. This means that the vapor passing through the reactor core, is fed to the turbine, and then condenses and flows back into the system, where it is heated. “Single-loop station, which means that all the steam on her radioactive,” said Chairman of the Board of the ecological organization “Green World” Oleg Bodrov (his words leads 47news).

In a press-service of Leningrad NPP such concerns are rejected, stating that the radiation dosimetry and the situation remains normal. According to representatives of the station, the other departments work in normal mode, there are three units.

The Director of the Department of information and public relations “Concern Rosenergoatom” Andrei Tumanov also confirmed “Radio Baltika”, the danger of infection no. The Committee on natural resources “Fontanka” told that the radiation background in Petersburg is within the natural.

In Hydrometeorological centre of St. Petersburg reported that during the accident at Leningrad NPP in the city and region had prevailing East wind. This means that a possible release could carry in the direction of Estonia and Finland. In the Department of environment of the government of Estonia indicated that the radiation background, including border areas, remained normal. The same is stated in Finland. “In case of any changes to the automatic monitoring system will track them,” informs “”.

The head of the city administration of Sosnovy Bor Vladimir Sadovsky in a video message urged people not to panic. Meanwhile, in the “Pine forest” in social network “Vkontakte” people sneer at the rumors about the infection, jokingly rejoicing profit selling iodine pharmacists, and encouraging each other rather to escape from the danger zone.

Leningrad NPP is located in the town of Sosnovy Bor, 80 km West of St. Petersburg, on the Gulf of Finland. NPP operates 4 power unit type RBMK reactors with a capacity of 1 thousand MW each. The station is one of the largest power producers in Northwest Russia.

Near St. Petersburg the accident occurred at the nuclear power plant: may have leaked radioactive steam 19.12.2015

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