Independent observers of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has revealed serious violations in the work of the organizing Committee for summer Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, criticizing organizers for poor organization anti-doping activities.

On the eve of WADA has published the report of the observerswho were present in Rio de Janeiro. It was noted a number of serious violations.

On the tenth page of the report States that 4125 Olympians never passed the doping tests in 2016 before coming to the competition. 1913 of them are ten sports, the risk of doping where the highest.

Only in the Olympic games in 2016 took part 11470 athletes.

Thus, unscrupulous Olympians had the opportunity to qualify for the Olympics in Rio, to play there and go home without being caught doping.

Note that before traveling to Rio Olympians of the Russian Federation complained of the excessive attention from the doping officers, who took samples of our athletes almost daily.

In June, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) released a statement, according to which program is the pre-Olympic doping control will focus on the national teams, previously convicted of doping, including athletes from Russia.

In addition, according to the report of WADA, in Rio de Janeiro were recorded 28 cases of doping in 11 kinds of sports: weightlifting, Cycling, athletics, hockey, water sports, shooting, gymnastics, modern pentathlon, triathlon, basketball and Boxing.

This includes athletes with a therapeutic solution (TUE) by WADA on the use of illicit drugs.

Recall that the lists of athletes who dope legally with the permission of the doctors, after the Games in Rio has been publishing the hacker group Fancy Bears.

Nearly half of the Olympians had never checked for doping before the Games in 2016 28.10.2016

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