In investigating authorities of North Ossetia came to confess Bukulov Marik, who confessed that wounded from firearms of the commander of the police special forces. This crime cost the lives of a neighbor and friend Bukolova, which the guards was beaten to death in police custody. Investigators tried to pull from detained recognition in the attack on their colleague, investigators believe.

“The night Marik Bukulov appeared in the investigation (the division), now he is there”, – told TASS niece of the deceased detainee Vladimir Scaeva.

According to her, after the execution of Bukulov policeman was “on the run”. However, it is not expected that the crime committed, will accuse his best friend and it will cause his death. Two weeks later, Bukulov decided to give up.

Information that the police shot a neighbor Scaeva Marik Bukulov, confirmed and widow of Vladimir Zifa Scaeva. She also added that Bukulov claimed he acted in self-defense, writes Sputnik.

Bukolova conflict with the police occurred on home soil, reports “Interfax”.

In the regional Department of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has not commented on the turnout Bukolova himself, “so as now conducted verification activities”.

Recall, the alleged victim of sadists in uniform became 39-summer Vladimir Ckaev, who was detained by the police on 1 November at 15:30. At that moment the man had arranged his funeral after the death of his mother.

Scaeva suspected that he was involved in the shooting that took place on 31 October in the street V. Abaev. Then serious gunshot wound received the commander of the OMON Roland Pliev.

During the conversation at the police station irisconsole district Ckaev detained, according to security officials, behaved inadequately. The man allegedly threatened that if they release him, he himself will cause injuries and make a statement to the Prosecutor’s office with the complaint that he was beaten by police. After that the detainee “suddenly rose from his chair and fell to his knee, the frontal part of the head struck several blows on the floor.”

The police stopped his actions and then continued the conversation, but “due to the deterioration of the health of the detainee by police was called the emergency medical service carriage”. Scaeva was admitted to the emergency Department of RCH of Vladikavkaz with the diagnosis “closed cherepno-a brain trauma”, where he was given necessary medical help.

Suspect’s state of health has improved, noted in the police, but on 1 November at 11:05 from the hospital reported his death. The cause of death was named an acute heart failure.

The interior Ministry also reported that in intensive care Pliev Scaeva allegedly identified as the man who shot him.

The version of the Ministry of internal Affairs about the death of a detainee immediately caused an uproar in social media, because the Internet Scaeva relatives posted photos of his body. These images contradict the official explanation. On published frames could be seen numerous traces of severe injuries: stripes, presumably from the handcuffs, broken in the blood the knees and the chin, and numerous bruises.

It was also reported that in the medicolegal investigation refused to testify to a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures in Scaeva, although from the police station to the hospital he hit it with such a diagnosis.

According to preliminary data, the victim Vladimir Ckaev brought up two young children and worked in the Ministry of agriculture. Previously, he was not convicted.

On 2 November the residents of Vladikavkaz came to a spontaneous protest, demanding to find and punish the murderers of Vladimir Scaeva. The initiative group managed to meet with the head of North Ossetia Tamerlane Aguzarova. The official said that “shocked by the enormity of the crime”, which I suspect police.

Protesters also sent a petition to the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to conduct a fair investigation.

2 November also it became known that the head of the regional interior Ministry Arthur akhmethanov suspended from duty the Deputy chief of operations and three police operatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Vladikavkaz.

November 5, were arrested two operatives irisconsole police Department suspected in the death of Scaeva. November 9, detained the third defendant in the case, an operative of the same Department. On 16 November, investigators have charged with crimes under paragraph “a” part 3 article 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Excess of powers of office with application of violence”), according to the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation.

Neighbor resident of North Ossetia, who died after being tortured in a police station, confessed to the shooting of a riot policeman 18.11.2015

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