Austrian airlines People’s Viennaline made the first flight from Swiss St. Gallen in the German Friedrichshafen. This flight can be considered the shortest international route in the world. The flight lasts about eight minutes, according to CNN Business Traveller.

The length of the route is 20 kilometers, it lies above lake Constance, lying on the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. By road along the shores of the lake takes about an hour by train or two hours.

The ticket for this flight costs 40 euros. According to the head of People’s Viennaline Daniela Steffen, the airline expects to carry on this route about 40 thousand people annually. About 10% of them will only fly between St. Gallen and Friedrichshafen, the rest of the passengers pretty downloaded routes from different cities of Switzerland in Cologne.

People’s Viennaline, thus, broke the record of Austrian budget airline FlyNiki, a member of the Air Berlin group. She makes a ten-minute international flight from Vienna to Bratislava.

The shortest internal flight in the world is the route that flies the Scottish airline Loganair, from the island’s what westray to the island of Papa’s what westray. This flight lasts 47 seconds. For 49 years, Loganair has transported on this route more than a million passengers.

New record: international flight lasting 8 minutes 05.11.2016

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