Lawyer Nikita Belykh, arrested in the case of receiving a bribe, has denied reports that the Kremlin allegedly offered to release ex-the Governor of the Kirov region under house arrest in exchange for testifying against the opposition leader Alexei Navalny in the “case of Kirovec”, which was recently sent to court for a new trial.

In an interview with Business FM Andrei Screens, which replaced the former defenders of the White Vadim Prokhorov and Olga Mikhailova, called the information about the transaction on the result of “an absolute provocation” and “information spreading”. According to him, “in agenda for the protection of this topic did not exist.” “It arose only from the outside, in some media,” he explained.

“No conditions even to discuss such transactions do not, since the position of Nikita Yurievich categorical – he does not agree with the prosecution, not guilty, he’s not a grafter, not corrupt. So presumably there are no conditions for the deal,” said the defender.

Last week, as reported by the newspaper “Vedomosti”, a friend of White told reporters that representatives of the presidential administration allegedly promised to release White, who is currently detained in jail, under house arrest, if he testifies to the Bulk. The source claimed, including that related to the change of lawyers White.

Last week, the White bride Catherine Reifert on the page in Facebook has categorically denied this information and reported that “the change of lawyers is caused by the current necessity.” Reifert added that she “really thought “Vedomosti” too authoritative publication for the myth”. “Lord, are you serious?” she wanted to know.

Recall that the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov immediately called duck reports deal with the investigation. Meanwhile, Navalny said he believes the media reports about it.

About the health of Whites and the upcoming wedding

In comments to BFM Andrew Screeners also reported that the health status of Whites in prison is “probably getting worse” – problems with a number of chronic diseases “have not gone away”. In turn, Catherine Reifert announced in Facebook that the health of Whites”, really inspires more than serious concerns, his real diagnoses and frankly a bad feeling now.” “So the house arrest he objectively would be much more necessary than some… with such privileges,” she added.

Screens and Reifert spoke on the theme of the upcoming wedding of White. According to the bride’s ex-Governor, “it is a mutual expression of will”. According to her, the wedding was planned even before the arrest of White. While on the way to the conclusion of their marriage there are obstacles on the part of the investigation – the lovers are faced with the “vague justifications and the permanent loss of documents.” “We are determined to get married, it is our civil right guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, – assured Reifert.

Andrei Screens in an interview with BFM confirmed that “there is a will to conclude this marriage from both Nikita Yurievich, and Catherine Reifert, they are waiting for official registration.” Speaking about the reasons for the delay of the ceremony, he noted that “it’s probably more a question for the investigation.”

New White lawyer called a “provocation” reports of a plea deal related to the Bulk 28.11.2016

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