In New Zealand, rescuers recovered from the rubble of houses destroyed by the earthquake, an elderly woman – Margaret Edgar, whose age is 100 years, reports the NZ Herald. According to the publication, last 64 years, the statue lived on a farm near the town of Kaikora.

Powerful tremors occurred in the area Monday morning completely destroyed the building, which, in addition to the women also lived her son and his wife. All three of them in the time of the earthquake was in the house and when he collapsed, trapped. Both women managed to get out of the rubble alive, but the man died.

Pictures of ruins, which became a house published by the local media.

Another likely victim of the earthquake was the driver. According to the website, a man for several hours is not out on bond. Currently, it is the police.

The Website argues that the second death in the earthquake recorded at mount Lyford near Hanmer springs.

In the city of Caicara damaged Sewerage system and disrupted water supply. Their recovery may take a few days. Local authorities have urged residents conserve the available water.

Most shops in the city are not working. Also, the authorities closed all schools and other educational institutions, students are encouraged to stay home.

Dozens of people gathered near the local hospital, where free Wi-Fi. This is currently the only available form of communication in the region.

However, in a difficult situation after the earthquake were not only people, but animals. So, in the media appeared the video, which shows two cows and a calf, caught off guard by the elements in the pasture. Animals are on a small plot of land, around which was formed the ravines, and had nowhere to go. The video, published by was made from a helicopter in the area of the same city Kaikora. Exactly who owns the animals and whether they have provided any help, is unknown.

New Zealand 100-year-old woman survived being buried under the rubble of a house during an earthquake 14.11.2016

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