In New Zealand three-year-old boy from Christchurch won the NZ one million dollars in the lottery Bonus Bond, becoming the youngest in the history of the country a happy jackpot winner, according to The New Zeland Herald.

Bonus Bond in New Zealand is an investment product that gives the bondholders the chance to win monthly tax-free jackpot. When the baby was born, the parents opened the account for 250 NZ dollars (180 us dollars).

The family recently returned from vacation and found out about winning a million new Zealand dollars, which is 726 USD 600. “My husband literally did not have enough air when he was on the phone, and when he was finished and informed me we were so excited running around. The moment was excessive, – said the mother. – We have always believed that our baby was special, he was born on Christmas day, which is quite unusual. And now he’s the youngest winner of the Bonus Bonds”.

This was confirmed by the representative of the Bonus Bonds. According to him, the lottery win and the other little children, but three-year-old became the youngest winner of the monthly prize. The representative of the lottery said the prizes are given to parents or guardians if the child has reached the age of seven.

The oldest winner of this lottery, which appeared in 1970 – 92. The owners of the bonds are about one third of the population. Christchurch is a city on the South island of New Zealand.

And yet the little new Zealander is not the most fortunate child who got lucky in the lottery. In 2009, a four year old Taiwanese boy has won the lottery rights to uninhabited tropical island in the Taiwan Strait.

New Zealand 3-year-old child hit the jackpot in the lottery 30.09.2016

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