New Zealand has announced the suspension of work on the draft resolution of the UN Security Council aimed at ending the fighting in Aleppo. As said on Wednesday the permanent representative of the country to the world organization of Gerard van Bohemen, attempts to harmonise the text of the document have stalled due to incompatible positions of Russia and the Western members of the security Council.

According to the diplomat, quoted by TASS, in the course of work on the draft resolution entitled “geopolitical considerations were placed above the interests of the people”, again resulting in failed “to agree on effective international action.”

“We are shocked by the fact that Russia is not going to stop the offensive in Eastern Aleppo for the time necessary to ensure that germinated seeds of peace, or to use its influence to achieve change of behavior of the Syrian government,” said Gerard van Bohemen. “We also need to voice my deep disappointment that the other permanent members of the Council refused meaningful cooperation on key provisions of our draft, and instead insisted on the inclusion is obviously an unacceptable pace,” he added.

As noted by the new Zealand diplomat in discussion this week one of the participants in the dispute said that the key paragraph in the draft resolution is unacceptable, because it will stop all aerial bombardment of Eastern Aleppo, while others said that it is unacceptable, because it will not guarantee an end to the bombing. “Both sides can’t be right, but at the moment there are no prospects to circumvent these mutually exclusive positions,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that the proposed New Zealand draft resolution requires that combatants “to immediately and completely cease all attacks that can lead to death or injury to people or damage to civilian objects”. In addition, the document provides for the withdrawal of the militants from the Eastern part of the city in accordance with the initiative of the special envoy of the UN Secretary General to Syria Staffan de Mistura.

The draft resolution also envisages the introduction of a regular 48-hour pause in the fighting for the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The first such truce, according to the draft resolution must occur within 24 hours after its adoption. The document States the need for disengagement of armed groups and terrorist groups listed by the UN security Council.

The new Zealand draft resolution was the third document in Aleppo, which was taken up by the UN security Council last month. October 8, France proposed a draft resolution on the prohibition of flights of military aircraft over Aleppo, but Russia imposed a veto. Then the United States, Britain and France opposed Russian project, providing for the withdrawal of the militants of the terrorist group “dzhebhat an-Nusra” (banned in Russia) of Eastern Aleppo.

Speaking at a meeting on Wednesday, Russia’s permanent representative Vitaly Churkin expressed appreciation to the delegation of New Zealand because she “tried to find some position around which could unite the members of the UN Security Council”. However, he said, any such attempt needs to answer the fundamental question: “within what you have to offer, you can continue the fight against terrorism?” According to Churkin, Russia had already witnessed how this truce was used by the terrorists to regroup. He urged to prepare such a draft resolution that would like a full-blown fight with the terrorists, and to improve the humanitarian situation.

New Zealand has suspended work on the UN security Council resolution on Aleppo because of the stalled negotiation 27.10.2016

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