The American company Rocket Lab announced the completion of the world’s first commercial spaceport in New Zealand, which began at the end of 2015. Rocket Lab is positioning its project as “the world’s first private facility for launching rockets into orbit, according to the official website of the company.

Rocket Lab is going to use the complex to launch their missiles “Electron”, which will deliver into orbit small satellites and other small loads. The first test runs “of the Electron” is planned for this year.

The remote location of spaceport the company considers that a plus, because it will allow you to achieve “the highest frequency of launches in history”. According to company CEO Peter Beck, the complex is designed so that the runs can be done every 72 hours, however, the company plans to produce about four to five launches in a month.

Last summer Beck said that Rocket Lab already at that time there were about 30 potential customers interested in commercial launches in New Zealand. Besides them there are dozens of companies, ranging from University programs to small start-UPS who are willing to participate in the project, he said.

“Creating and managing a private spaceport is the need to meet the needs of our customers. Given the estimated frequency of launches, Rocket Lab has made another step towards his goal: to make space commercially available,” explained Beck in July 2015.

New Zealand opened the world’s first commercial spaceport 27.09.2016

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