Residents of New Zealand decided not to change the flag of your country. These are the preliminary results of the referendum in which new Zealanders were asked to vote for a new flag design or to speak in favour of maintaining the usual “colonial” flag.

For the new national flag became black-and-blue flag with four red stars, divided into two unequal parts by a branch of the new Zealand silver fern voted 43% of participants of plebiscite, according to NZHerald. 56% felt that nothing needs to be changed.

The current version of the new Zealand flag incorporates the “Union Jack”, which symbolizes the colonial past – from 1839 to 1953 the country was a British colony. Four stars, located to the right of the flag, have different size and symbolize the constellation the southern Cross.

New Zealanders decided to keep the old “colonial” flag 24.03.2016

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