The American weekly Newsweek was mistakenly allowed into the next room, dedicated to the victory of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, despite the fact that she lost the race to his rival billionaire Donald Trump. The publication had to be withdrawn 125 thousand copies of the magazine, which was delivered on the shelves, reports The New York Post.

Newsweek, as do many media reports, prepared two options number in case of victory of a particular candidate. Both were transferred to distributor – company Topix Media. However, instead of direct to the stores both copies, the company delivered only the rooms with Clinton on the cover and the title “Madame President” and “Historical journey with Hillary Clinton in the White house”.

Despite the 125-thousand copies, the first female President managed to buy only 17 people. Later, the management of publications withdrew the copies and brought readers an apology. However, some believe that Newsweek jumped the gun, as the rooms could be sold as collectible.

If Newsweek were to release the issues printed celebrating Hillary’s win, it would be a huge seller. Collectors’ item.

Newsweek by mistake issued a magazine with President Clinton on the cover 10.11.2016

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