The Russian Ministry of Finance is thinking about the abolition of the so-called military pensions that receive servicemen of the defense Ministry, interior Ministry, emergencies Ministry, the FSB and other power structures. Current military retirees can sleep easy: their pensions are not planning to cancel, but the security forces, which are now in the future instead of a lifetime pension to only a one-time severance benefit.

This decision, according to the newspaper, already discussed, and research financial Institute (nifi), under the Ministry of Finance, prepares the justification for the new pension reform.

The right to a military pension awarded to the persons who at the date of dismissal, seniority in the service in law enforcement agencies 20 years or more; and persons retired on reaching the age limit, health condition or in connection with organizational-regular actions and reached at date of dismissal 45-the summer age, having total work experience of 25 calendar years and more, of which at least 12 years and six months of service in law enforcement agencies.

Does not meet the criteria for dismissal can only rely on the maintenance for a one year payment of salary for military rank or on a disability pension. To receive a military pension and right now is not easy.

Some details of the proposed reforms, the Director of the Fri Vladimir Nazarov said at last week’s broadcast of”echo of Moscow”.

“Those who are going to go out on a military pension, should the pension is to offer the normal social contract – said the economist. – When a person completes military service if it is not disabled and he’s all right, you have to give him money for retraining, and giving a large severance package to him was enough for a year or two of comfortable life, and then he’s a normal member of society can work at another job”.

Among the objectives and functions of the Fri – elaboration of theory and methodology of financial management, forecasting, planning, preparation and execution of the Federal budget, preparation of proposals and recommendations on improvement of budget legislation.

Therefore, development of nifi can lie on the table of the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov in the form of the bill, then the Minister with all the calculations and justifications in the hands can start lobbying for the next optimization.

If you think a military pension payments, which get not only military but also other security forces, as well as investigators and prosecutors, after the reform of the budget savings can be estimated, from 500 to 700 billion rubles in year.

According to other estimates, savings could reach about 200 billion rubles a year. Until the reform has not acquired a specific shape to carry out more accurate calculations impossible, stresses the newspaper.

The majority of respondents “NG” experts skeptical about innovations of the scientific institutions of the Ministry of Finance. In their opinion, the abolition of private pensions for security forces looks provocative, moreover, it is almost impossible.

Some, however, do not rule out that the arguments about the abolition of military pensions have a very specific political meaning: first, it creates the threat of cancellation of pensions and benefits, and then, closer to the presidential election, this threat is eliminated under the approval of the voters.

“Nezavisimaya Gazeta”: the logic of the crisis leads to a reduction in pensions of the security forces 17.10.2016

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