Nigeria’s military said on Thursday about the release of another schoolgirl, abducted by militants of the radical Islamist group Boko Haram in 2014. As reported by Reuters, said the official representative of the army, Sani Usman.

In April 2014, the militants “Boko Haram” kidnapped 276 girls, mostly from Christian families, from the state secondary school in Chiboka in Borno state in northeast Nigeria. 57 girls managed to escape, 219 of them until recently was listed as missing.
The leader of the group offered to exchange the girls for arrested militants, but the authorities the deal is not gone.

The girl was in captivity of militants of “Boko Haram” among 97 women and children, who were freed after an operation by security forces Thursday morning in the North-East of the country in Borno state, said Sani Usman.

Last Tuesday, in the North-East of the country was discovered another girl from among the kidnapped Schoolgirls – Amin Ali Darsa Nceki.

Militants of Boko Haram oppose Western education models and for the introduction of Sharia across the country. Grouping is behind most of the attacks perpetrated in the country.

Nigeria reported the release of another schoolgirl from the captivity of militants “Boko Haram” 20.05.2016

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