Extreme from the Ural Federation base jumping set a new record: November 6, nine athletes at the same time jumped with a parachute from a pipe with a height of 140 meters in the town of Sukhoi Log, Sverdlovsk region.

Among them were residents of Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Kamensk-Ural’skiy, including one girl. In flight the participants of the leap was able to perform several elements: triple ASIST, two Tuvia and two solo asista, reports the portal Е1.ги.

According to athletes, the snowfall that day was not a hindrance, the main thing in these jumps to no wind, which can confuse the parachutes. In the end, all the athletes landed safely.

“This object was chosen for convenience: static platform, it was possible to separate in any direction, – told reporters the event organizer Igor Osipyan. – Was afraid that will not work. A lot could be emergencies. You had to calculate the height that nobody flew into the dome.”

The previous day in Yekaterinburg said goodbye to the famous Ural base jumper Ratmir Nagumanova, death crashed during a jump in the French Alps in early November.

In total, according to official statistics, the obsession with base jumping since 1981, it has claimed 311 lives.

Nine of the Ural extreme at the same time jumped off the pipe with a height of 140 meters (VIDEO) 07.11.2016

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