Russia does not weaken the pressure on France, find themselves embroiled in a legal battle of Moscow in the Yukos case. As reported by French newspaper Les Echos, the Russian space Agency Roscosmos has threatened to stop supplying the French launch services operator Arianespace of a Soyuz rocket until then, until returned to the French assets of the Agency were the initiative of the former shareholders of the oil company.

The newspaper reminds that we are talking about 300 million euros (previously mass media wrote about $ 300 million). These funds were frozen at the suit of the former shareholders of Yukos to Russia, but the lawsuit is not over. Meanwhile, the Russian space Agency said that “no money, no delivery”.

“Currently, we do not get money due from Arianespace for our work. No money – no product. We can’t work for free,” the newspaper quoted the statement of the Russian space Agency.

In July 2014 the court of Arbitration in the Hague unanimously upheld the claim of Group Menatep Limited (GML), representing the interests of Yukos, considering the illegal liquidation of the company in 2003 and ordered Russia to pay the former owners of Yukos $ 50 billion.

The Russian side refused to comply and filed in the District court of the Hague three applications for annulment of the arbitral Tribunal. However in December the court of General jurisdiction in Paris gave Kosova permission for enforcement (exequatur) of the Hague arbitral awards.

Spring and summer 2015 the former shareholders of Yukos, without waiting for the decision on the complaint of the Federation began the process of enforcement of the decision of the Hague court. In different countries the arrests of the Russian property as security for claims.

In particular, he was arrested various assets of the Russian Federation in France, including Bank accounts, payments to an unnamed French companies in Russia and Russian property in Paris and other parts of the country.

In December 2015 the former shareholders of Yukos managed to achieve arrest of the payment provider of launch services for Arianespace, the satellite operator Eutelsat and Air France in their Russian counterparties.

Among those arrested in France, Russian assets were also the money of Rosoboronexport related to the contract for the supply of helicopter carrier Mistral, as well as the funds stored in the account in the French “daughter” VTB in the interests of the MIA “Russia today” and FGUP goszagransobstvennost’.

In early April 2016, the sources said that the arrested were 700 million dollars, 300 million of which is owed to the Russian space Agency. Twice – in January and April 2016 – a French court ruled to lift the arrest of this amount, given that Roscosmos is not legally bound to the Russian state and its assets did not belong to Russia. However, the actual unfreezing of funds has not occurred. The consideration of this matter is scheduled for April 19, 2017.

On 20 April it became known that Russia has achieved cancellation of the decision under the claim of former shareholders of the oil company for the recovery of $ 50 billion. Despite this, the French judicial system holds the position that the initial arbitration award prevails, the seizure of property is not necessarily removable. Former Yukos shareholders are seeking to restore the decision of arbitration through the Hague court of appeal, says RBC.

Arianespace into orbit satellites from Kourou in French Guiana with the help of the carrier rocket middle class “Soyuz”, which are produced by the Samara space-rocket center “Progress”. Two years ago, Roscosmos signed a contract with Arianespace for the supply of seven rocket “Soyuz-ST”, the cost was estimated at $ 400 million.

“No money, no goods”: the Russian space Agency has threatened to deprive France of its missiles because of the Yukos affair 28.10.2016

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