According to the latest poll Gallup Media, in the opinion of Americans from all countries of the world, North Korea is USA’s greatest threat. Last year, the first line of the rating was occupied by Russia, but the attitude to it among the inhabitants of the United States has improved somewhat.

According to published on the website of the organization results, 16% of Americans polled gave the DPRK the role of the “main enemy”. Russia’s rating fell by three percentage points – from 18% to 15%. The last of the three, Iran received 14% of votes, followed by with 12% located China. According to experts, the four leaders of the rating have not changed since 2005 – changed only their position in relation to each other.

In Gallup also noted another interesting fact is that figure of 16% is the lowest for the “main enemy” of the United States for the entire history of the survey. The previous record of last year set Russia and the year before, China with 20 percent. The greatest uniformity of views, the Americans demonstrated in 2001, when 38% of people said the main threat to Iraq.

It is also noted that four years ago half of Americans treated Russia rather positively, and only 2% believed it to be the enemy. But in light of recent events this year, only 30% of US citizens are willing to speak about Russia in a positive way, but 86% consider the Russian army as “important” or “critical” threat.

The surveys were conducted in the form of telephone interviews with 3 to 7 February this year among 1021 persons aged 18 years and older residing in the United States. As noted, the margin of error is about four percent.

North Korea this year has already marked several provocative actions, which caused great repercussions in the world community. The situation on the Korean Peninsula has become more complicated after the 6 January 2016 fourth nuclear test in North Korea, which Pyongyang called a hydrogen bomb.

The outcome of the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, all 15 members decided to start work immediately on a new resolution on the DPRK. SB acknowledged that the DPRK had violated four resolutions, adopted since 2006 to 2013, and there is a threat to international peace and security.

In early February, North Korea launched a rocket with a communications satellite. U.S. experts, after analyzing data about the launch, came to the conclusion that Pyongyang has the necessary technology to launch Intercontinental ballistic missiles. The range allows you to launch a nuclear strike on most sites in the continental United States.

Now, experts say, is within range of Intercontinental missiles launched from the territory of the DPRK, is about 38% of the territory of the United States. This territory is home to 120 million people.

Recall, the DPRK declared itself a nuclear power in 2005, and in 2006, 2009 and 2013 conducted an underground nuclear test. In 2009, Pyongyang pulled out of six-party talks, involving Russia, USA, China, Japan, and North Korea and South Korea.

North Korea has beaten Russia in the rating “the main enemies of America” 23.02.2016

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