Deputy permanent representative of the DPRK to the UN Kim Eun Ryong called “outrageous” reports in the Western press about the involvement of the leadership of North Korea to the spread of the virus-the extortioner WannaCry, who last week struck 150 countries, reports Reuters.

“Attempts to place the responsibility for the cyber attack on North Korea are outrageous. Every time there is something strange, come into force a stereotype of the United States and other hostile forces, seeking to develop the campaign to discredit the DPRK,” said zampolpreda of the DPRK to the UN at a press conference.

About the possible involvement of the DPRK in the spread of the virus WannaCry informed, in particular, said the chief virus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Alexander Gostev, suggested that WannaCry could run from North Korean hackers group Lazarus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, has previously expressed a very different version of the origin of the virus. “The primary source of this virus are the special services of the United States, Russia is completely innocent. I’m surprised to hear in these circumstances is something else,” he said at a press conference in Beijing on may 15.

The U.S. government reported earlier that the virus was able to create representatives of foreign States. It was said that with the help of the virus, the hackers have made from user payments in an amount equal to approximately 70 to thousands of dollars. In the administration of the President of the United States noted that they do not know cases when, after payment access to the computers were returned. According to the latest data from the virus-the extortioner contracted for 300 thousand computers in 150 countries.

The attack of the virus WannaCry began the day on 12 may. By the evening of that day, “Kaspersky Lab” reported that the virus has spread to more than 70 countries. While most experts noted that the virus affected Russia. Virus WannaCry started disabling computers and demand a ransom to return them to normal operation.

Initially it was reported that the virus had infected computers in hospitals the UK, he then began to spread to other countries. According to “Kaspersky Lab”, by the evening, the virus had affected computers in 74 countries, including Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, China, USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Italy, India, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Thailand.

North Korea has denied involvement in the spread of the virus-the extortioner WannaCry 20.05.2017

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