North Korea is able to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States and its allies, including Japan, “in case of the slightest provocation on their side,” announced on Saturday the official news Agency KCNA. Japan calls for strengthened sanctions in North Korea called “sworn enemy”.

“The offensive nuclear weapons of the DPRK is ready to deliver a preventive strike against its enemies in case of the slightest provocation from their side in the interest of protecting the sovereignty of the people’s Republic and the right to exist”, – quotes the message of the TASS news Agency.

Which means a nuclear warhead could be delivered to U.S. territory, not specified.

Recalling that Japan remains a “sworn enemy of the Korean people,” Korean news Agency has condemned the Minister for foreign Affairs Fumio Kisida, which “stands for increasing pressure on Pyongyang in connection with its missile and nuclear tests.” In the week Kishida reported the discussion in Parliament of sanctions against companies from third fear that conduct business with North Korea.

In recent press, the DPRK launched an active propaganda campaign against the government of Japan. Pyongyang criticizes Tokyo for all areas: for the revival of militarism, the condemnation of the nuclear missile program of North Korea, the reluctance to pay compensation for crimes committed during the period of colonial rule in Korea, illegal claim over Dokdo.

These conflict situations, according to North Korean media, create a “military-strategic conditions for an armed invasion in Asia”. Newspaper “Rodong Sinmun” in his commentary wrote that the conservatives in Japan “do not part with their dream of creating a co-prosperity sphere of greater East Asia (Japanese geopolitical plan during the Second world war), in which Tokyo plays the role of a leader.”

North Korea has threatened Japan and the U.S. preventive nuclear strike 29.10.2016

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