The armed forces of North Korea on Monday, 5 September, launched a three ballistic missiles towards the sea of Japan, according to the Agency Yonhap. The launch was made in the direction of the sea of Japan.

The chiefs of staff of the Republic of Korea reported that the North had launched three ballistic missiles from the County Hanju province North Hwanghae province around 12:14 local time (06:14 Moscow time). The type of rockets and their range is not yet established.

The Ministry of defense of Japan, confirms the information about the launch by Pyongyang of the three ballistic missiles, reports Japanese broadcaster NHK.

In late August, the DPRK also carried out a rocket launch. Later it became known that the missile flew about 500 kilometers and fell into the exclusive economic zone of Japan to the West of the Peninsula OSA.

In July, North Korea launched three ballistic missiles. DPRK authorities called their actions by practicing pre-emptive strikes against ports and airfields in South Korea. If the missiles were launched from the territory of the province of North Hwanghae province and flew about 500-600 miles. In Seoul noted that the range released by the DPRK of missiles allows them to reach any point on the territory of South Korea.

The trials were a reaction to Pyongyang’s plans to deploy in South Korea, the U.S. missile defense system THAAD, pointed out to the press. The relevant agreement was concluded between the United States and South Korea in mid-July. July 13.

Against the implementation of plans on missile defense are Russia and China. In Moscow fear that such actions will undermine the current military balance in the region and beyond.

Monday, September 5, Chinese President XI Jinping during a meeting with South Korean President Park Geun-Hye at the G20 summit in Hangzhou said that the Chinese government acts against missile defense THAAD in South Korea.

Pyongyang earlier threatened to use in response to the placement of US missile defense system in the neighboring country of “physical” measures.

North Korea launched three ballistic missiles towards the sea of Japan 05.09.2016

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