North Korea has completed the development of nuclear weapons, reports “Interfax” with reference to the Embassy of Korea and the North Korean Institute for nuclear weapons. In the DPRK, September 9 announced the successful hosting of the fifth test nuclear weapons. According to sources, the South Korean Agency Yonhap, 10 October, the DPRK may conduct a new test of the bomb.

“The DPRK has acquainted people with the most important news, such as a nuclear test, as a rule, the channels of information communication, the KCNA (state news Agency of the DPRK) or statements by the government. This time about testing nuclear warheads notified Institute for nuclear weapons. What hint gives the official announcement of a completely classified facility? Perhaps this is an expression of confidence in the fact that the country has basically completed the development of nuclear weapons,” – said in a statement released by the Embassy of North Korea.

Also, the Embassy reported that “testing nuclear warheads conducted according to the plans of the WPK (workers’ party of Korea) in the field of construction of strategic nuclear armed forces. In connection with the successful testing of the Central Committee of the WPK sent to the scientific and technical workers of the nuclear warm congratulations”.

The Embassy also drew attention to the fact that in its statement, the Institute for nuclear weapons, the DPRK said: “we Will continue the adoption of measures for the qualitative and quantitative growth of the nuclear armed forces of a state designed to protect our dignity, the right to existence and genuine peace from the increasing U.S. threat of nuclear war.” Nuclear warheads are installed on ballistic missiles and artillery units “Hwaseong” strategic forces of the Korean people’s army.

The DPRK authorities on 9 September announced the successful hosting of the fifth test nuclear weapons. President Barack Obama “in the strongest terms” condemned Pyongyang’s actions. He recalled that the September test followed an unprecedented series of launches of ballistic missiles, which, according to the statements of the DPRK, are a means of delivery of nuclear warheads” to strike at the US and its allies.

In response to the DPRK nuclear test, the us military command decided to carry out flights of bombers over South Korea, which took place on 13 and 21 September.

On 20 September it became knownthat North Korea conducted a successful ground test of a new rocket engine that can be installed on the new ballistic missiles.

In March, the UN security Council approved an unprecedentedly strong resolution against North Korea. The document envisaged a ban on the export of the Pyongyang coal, iron ore, titanium, vanadium, gold and other valuable metals, as well as embargo on the DPRK aviation and rocket fuel. In addition, sanctions were imposed in the banking sector, the mandatory inspection of cargo and targeted measures against individuals and entities linked to nuclear and missile programs. Sanctions against the country has also expanded in South Korea and the United States.

North Korean authorities announced the completion of the development of nuclear weapons 27.09.2016

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