The armed forces of Norway to discuss the possibility of placing on the basis of “Vernes” near Trondheim 300 American Marines, reports The Local , citing the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen.

According to sources, the Marines of the USA can arrive at the Norwegian base in the near future. The Minister of defence of Norway Ine Eriksen Sereide in a written response to the editorial Adresseavisen reported that the deployment of the US military on the basis Vernes – an American initiative, but did not specify exactly when the soldiers will appear in the country. According to her, currently in the government there are discussions about the increasing number of military exercises in Norway.

“A work in progress, but the initiative still has not been discussed in the Ministry of defence at the political level, so a more detailed answer we have. Any specific suggestions will certainly be considered by the government and by the Storting (Parliament) in the usual way,” – said the Minister.

The head of the Ministry of defense also stressed that Norway and the United States have a long tradition of cooperation in the field of security and holding joint exercises.

It is assumed that the us Marines will serve in the Norwegian garrison of six months, followed by rotation. The last time the military representatives of the USA visited the garrison several times and examined it, writes the Norwegian newspaper. “I can say that we have good relations with the Americans. At least monthly accept delegation of officials and others”, – said the head of the garrison Ebbe Deras, quoted by RIA “Novosti”. According to him, the question of the exercise in Norway attracts interest of the US military.

In turn, John, Kristen Skogen from the Norwegian Institute of international Affairs expressed the view that such plans can be interpreted as the intention of Washington to develop a new military base for U.S. troops. He recalled that Oslo is discussing the possibility of deployment of U.S. Marines on the background of aggravation of relations between Russia and NATO, which could lead to a harsh reaction from Moscow.

Recall that the Nordic countries since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis have repeatedly talked about the military threat from the Russian Federation. So, in April 2015 Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland have agreed to coordinate efforts in the field of defense against Russia, which was declared a major threat to region, Europe and NATO. “The Russian army challenges us at our borders and in the Baltic States there have been several cases of violation of the border regime,” – said in a statement.

In October last year, the commander-in-chief of the Norwegian army, Admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen told reporters that Russia “has demonstrated a willingness to use military force to achieve political ambitions.”

In February 2016, it became known that the United States secret place battle tanks, artillery and logistic equipment in special caves in Norway, used for the same purpose during the cold war. In Washington noted that early deployment of technology will help to respond quickly to any crisis.

These caves are located in the Central part of Norway and is a modern fortified facility, which employs about 100 Norwegian and American employees. They are placed in equipment, sufficient to provide 15 thousand Marines. Previously, the equipment of the caves were also used for operations in Iraq.

At the same time in the exercise Cold Response 16 participated 6.5 thousand units of equipment of the caves. In maneuvers attended by 12 allies and NATO partners and more than 16 thousand soldiers. In the Ministry of defense of Norway stated that the purpose of the exercise is the development of combat readiness in a “changing environment” as well as maintaining confidence in the collective defence of NATO and the ability to repel a potential aggressor.

Norway is going to place on a military base 300 us Marines 10.10.2016

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