The Norwegian authorities decided to transfer a 50-meter section of the 200-meter fence, built for the protection of refugees from the Middle East, on the border with Russia 15 centimeters, as it is close to the border line, and it violates the agreement between the two countries, according to the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang. Will take 50 meters of fencing.

The builders started the construction of the fence in early September in the area of checkpoint Storskog – Borisoglebskiy”. It is designed to protect from the illegal infiltration of refugees from the territory of the Russian Federation. It is expected that the fence will be 200 meters long and 3.5 meters in height.

Previously against this idea were the defenders of the rights of refugees, as well as the mayor of the border of the commune Sør-Varanger and the former head of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat rune, Rafaelsen, for many years worked hard to strengthen relations between Norway and Russia.

Last year through the Russian-Norwegian border was held 5500 people, mostly immigrants from Syria. Norway has suspended the deportation of refugees to Russia through the checkpoint in Storskog in January 2016 at the request of the Russian side. Foreign Minister of Norway børge Brende on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos, explained that Moscow was requested to discuss the issues related to the coordination in the framework of the return of migrants.

Lists of refugees for deportation to Russia, the Norwegian authorities have prepared in early 2016. The UN has said that Norway is violating international rules on asylum, but the Prime Minister and Conservative party leader Erna Solberg stated that the deportation of refugees to Russia is consistent with the Convention relating to the status of refugees.

The six-foot fence on the border with Russia is going to build and Estonia. On the technical strengthening of the border will begin in 2018, they will provide 71 million euros. 17 million euros for the construction of the wall plans to spend and Latvia. The Minister of internal Affairs of the Baltic Republic Rihards Kozlovskis said that it is much cheaper than constantly buying tickets deported illegals.

Due to the fact that the inhabitants of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan is difficult to obtain permission to enter in European countries, many of them go through Russia, where it is easier to get a visa. In addition, the route across Russia is much cheaper and less dangerous than the route via the Mediterranean sea. For example, last year from Russia in the Finnish Lapland arrived about 700 asylum-seekers.

Norway moves “anti-migrant fence at 15 cm from the border with Russia 30.09.2016

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