The Ministry of defence of Norway confirmed their readiness to place at the military base “Vernes” (Vaernes) near Trondheim, 330 U.S. Marines. The Ministry clarified that the transfer of the military is primarily for joint exercises. The Marines will arrive to Norway from the U.S. in January 2017.

This is stated in the statement of the Minister of defence of Norway Ine Eriksen Sereide posted on the website of the Ministry. “The US initiative to increase the number of drills and exercises in Norway, placing on the country force of Marines on a rotational basis, would be highly appreciated and will have a positive impact on our already strong bilateral relations”, – said the head of the Norwegian Ministry of defence, translated The Norway Post.

Us Marines at the US initiative, will arrive in Norway in January 2017, the defense Ministry reported. It is expected that Americans will serve in the Norwegian garrison on a rotation. The placement is temporary, and for 2017, which is regarded as a trial period, will decide on the fate of the Norwegian-American agreement.

According to Sereide, the presence of us Marines in Norway will provide significantly more opportunities for joint training and improve interoperability. Military training will take place not only in Vernes, but also in other parts of the country.

The Minister of defence also said that the allies believe your teachings the cold climate of Norway. “I am pleased to welcome additional U.S. troops for training in our excellent conditions,” – said the head of the defense Ministry of Norway.

Sereide stressed that the United States is a longtime and close ally of Norway. “U.S. participation in military exercises and training in Norway is one of the elements of these long-standing and close relations in the field of security policy”, – said the head of the defense Department.

Meanwhile, the opposition in Norway began to Express dissatisfaction with the management plans for the deployment of American troops in the country, according to Reuters. “This is not a positive signal – said the leader of the Socialist left party of Norway Audun Lysbakken. – We should strengthen our national defense, and not to seek some form of permanent presence of American troops.”

Military base in Vernes located about a thousand kilometers from the border with Russia, says DW. Russia has reacted to reports about the deployment of us Marines in Norway with bewilderment. “We would like to understand why Norway is so keen to increase its military capacity through the deployment of U.S. troops”, told AFP a representative of the Russian Embassy in Oslo Maxim Gurov.

Currently, relations between Russia and NATO aggravated due to the war in Syria and the situation in the Donbass. The Nordic countries since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, repeatedly talked about the military threat from the Russian Federation.

The last time foreign troops were stationed in Norway during the Second world war. Then the soldiers of the red Army were on the North of the country after the expulsion of German troops, keep the country in the occupation from 1940 to 1945.

When joining NATO in 1949, Norway at the request of Russia agreed not to deploy on its territory of foreign military contingent, with the exception of those cases where the state attacked or threatened with attack him. Later this condition was slightly modified: the foreign troops were allowed to conduct exercises in the North country, reminiscent of The

Earlier, the US was sending troops to the territory of Norway. In February 2016, it became known that the United States secret place battle tanks, artillery and logistic equipment in a special Norwegian cavesthat were used for the same purpose during the cold war. In Washington noted that early deployment of technology will help to respond quickly to any crisis.

These caves are located in the Central part of Norway and is a modern fortified facility, which employs about 100 Norwegian and American employees. They are placed in equipment, sufficient to provide 15 thousand Marines. Previously, the equipment of the caves were also used for operations in Iraq.

At the same time in the exercise Cold Response 16 participated 6.5 thousand units of equipment of the caves. In maneuvers attended by 12 allies and NATO partners and more than 16 thousand soldiers. In the Ministry of defense of Norway stated that the purpose of the exercise is the development of combat readiness in a “changing environment” as well as maintaining confidence in the collective defence of NATO and the ability to repel a potential aggressor.

Norway reaffirmed its commitment to place 330 us Marines on its territory 25.10.2016

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