The head coach of the Norwegian team “Nordstrand”, serving in one of the lower divisions of the national championship, going for 20 years to turn it into a super club of the children the stars of world football.

For this he needs the semen of the leading players in the world.

“My name is Tofte. I coach from the North of Norway, where they work for 30 years. I have trained thousands of players, but most of them were really bad: they’re old and fat. I’m tired of this, but I have an idea” – said in a silent cry of the soul mentor, transferred by means of paper sheets.

“After 20 years, “Nordstrand” will be the strongest team in the world. How? I’ll make girlfriends of my players became pregnant from the sperm the best players on the planet. I need your help: does anyone know personally Zlatan, Ronaldo or Paul Gascoigne? Please spread this video, I have to talk to them. I can’t take it anymore,” wrote Tofte.

While none of the players did not answer the call, the Norwegian coach, however, Tofte hopes to collect his superteam.

Norwegian coach begging for sperm from football stars to create superkomanda 06.10.2016

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