Member of Parliament Norway caught in the game in Pokemon GO to a meeting of the chamber, during which they discussed defense policy of the country, reports Reuters. The head of the Liberal party Norway Trine Skye Grande got into the camera lens once asked a group of military experts.

According to the Agency, it is unknown what exactly the pokemon was caught Grande. She is a politician not immediately responded to the appeal of journalists. She wrote an SMS message, in which he indicated that “some people have head perceives information better when the brain is busy some dead mechanical action.

She later told Norwegian journalists that he had ceased to play the phone game once other members of the Committee said that offends them such activities at the meeting.

Note that in the Philippines 24 Aug decided to ban Pokemon GO in the government system, as the incredible popularity of the game interfered with the performance of officials. By the way, in some other Southeast Asian countries did the same.

Moreover, police in the Thai capital of Bangkok was even organized a special unit that will hold drivers and pedestrians, playing a popular mobile game Pokemon Go within the gain control on the roads.

In Russia also drew attention to the fact that popular game distracts employees from their work. In this regard, the company “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) has expressed a willingness to block mobile games for smartphone users corporate rates at the requests of their employers.

Norwegian parliamentarian criticized for playing pokémon at the meeting of the defense policy 26.08.2016

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