The Federation of Jewish communities of Russia to the fear react to the initiative on the extension of the course of foundations of Orthodoxy in Russian schools in all the 11 years of study.

“The mere existence of the course “Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics” is useful because it allows students to explore the diversity of religions that exist in Russia. But the expansion of one of the modules of this course on the whole process of schooling more harm than good”, – quotes “Interfax” words of the head of the FJCR Alexander Beard.

According to him, the studying of bases of Orthodoxy in the existing format in the regions choose not more than one third of students in some regions – 12-15%, while the majority prefers the modules “basics of secular ethics” and “basics of world religious cultures”.

The head of the Federation believes that a subject that is not particularly popular, “try to impose to parents of pupils and by pupils – that is to impose, because, unfortunately, already there were cases when officials wanting to improve the statistics, almost demanded from parents to enroll children in the “fundamentals of Orthodox culture”. Such methods, in his opinion, can cause aversion of high school graduates to religion.

In addition, the Beard pointed to the serious danger of the expanded teaching of Orthodoxy for Russia as a multireligious country. “If all 11 years children will be divided into Orthodox and non-Orthodox, such a division would leave a significant mark in their souls and they will look at classmates is not the same faith as aliens or even enemies, not the same Russians as they are”, – he explained.

According to the President of the FJC, the best option would be the introduction of a single course on the basics of world religions and secular ethics without dividing it into modules.

At the same time, the Moscow Patriarchate believes that the current practice of teaching in schools of the course “fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics” defective. “Do not forget that now in the case of ORKSE there are only 30 training hours, which, in fact, in the mind of the student do not change, will not change his Outlook, give him a competitive foothold in life” – recalled the head of sector of “fundamentals of Orthodox culture” Synodal Department for religious education and catechism of deacon Herman Demidov.

According to the cleric, as long as the subject basics of the Orthodox culture, which is now taught in the framework of ORKSE, will not be adequately represented in a grid of hours, “it is not a serious relationship, not high-quality production of textbooks and professional teachers who have lived this subject and saw in it the prospect of growth – spiritual and professional.”

German Demidov, who is one of the developers of the expansion project of the training course, insists that it is not about innovations, but about filling the content of the subject area “Bases spiritually-moral culture of the peoples of Russia”, which is spelled out in the Federal educational standard, but not detailed.

According to the interlocutor of Agency, the course ORKSE, which is taught only in the fourth grade, full impossible to master, it still is experimental and “now there is an attempt to move from experimental format to give this course at least some natural dynamics and coherence”.

Not 11 years divide students into Orthodox and all the rest, warned the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia 30.11.2016

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