Human rights activist Anna Karetnikova, a former member of the Public
monitoring Commission of Moscow, not included in its new composition,
has agreed to be assistant head of the Moscow Department
The Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) on human rights.

“Anna Karetnikova received an offer and agreed to become an Advisor,
assistant of the Federal penitentiary service (Moscow time) on human rights. Soon you will see her in
new quality,” – said on Thursday, November 3, members
Public Supervisory commissions, the Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service
Valery Maksimenko. According to him, Karetnikova accepted the offer
The Federal penitentiary service “despite the fact that the salary at us small” (quoted by “Kommersant”).

“Yes, this conversation was that the offer was, I agreed,” confirmed
Karetnikova TASS. “If there are 25 members of the Council of the Public chamber is not
were able to assess the quality of my work, and as a result it will be appreciated in
Federal service of execution of punishments, I’m on it
work” she said “Russian service
The BBC”

Member of the Board of the human rights centre “memorial” Karetnikova was
a member of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow, controlling
human rights in places of deprivation of liberty, but not included in the composition
the fourth convocation, because the law restricts membership in the PMC three
terms. Karetnikova claimed membership in the PMC Moscow
area, but her candidacy was not supported by the Council of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation,
who appoints the members of the PMC.

According to human rights activist, the transition to a new job does not mean that it
refuses to claim the Public chamber, as it believes that the election
passed with violations. “I’m still going to sue the Public
chamber and are going to support their colleagues, which worked well
and did not enter into new compounds,” she said.

The POC heard the word “ashamed” and criticism of prisoners who
fighting with the administration

A list of the new composition of the Committee has caused outrage, and the results of the elections to the Moscow Commission for human rights activists is called its defeat. They believe that it is now to obtain information about what is happening with the people in prison will be much harder: most of the members of the Commission, actively worked in the last few years, their positions lost, while newcomers lack experience. Special attention was paid to the presence in the lists of the former head of the SIZO “Butyrka” Dmitry Komnov – defendant in the “Magnitsky list” that lists the people you think are associated with the death of a lawyer in jail.

Freelance journalist Roman Shirokov from Moscow was outraged by the appointment of the head of the Moscow onf Chairman of the Board of Directors of holding “the” Vadim Gorshenin, who is under personal sanctions on Ukraine. “The Chairman of the PMC was Vadim Gorshenin – the portal owner “Politely” specializing in article from the series “the West shuddered at the statements of Putin”, and member of the Presidium of the organization “Officers of Russia”, which attacked the exhibition of Jock Sturges”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Today human rights activists criticized another member of the fourth
convocation, which became part of the PMC of Mordovia, one of the most
problematic regions, 67 – year-old Basil Guslyannikova,
the former President of the Mordovian Soviet socialist Republic, from 1996 – Creator and
the head of the Mordovian Republican human rights center.

A member of the PMC Elena Abdullayev had posted on his page in Facebook
report on the performance of Basil Guslyannikova, which she called “a very
ridiculous.” “This member of the PMC in all seriousness claimed that in Mordovia everything is OK, checks are carried out regularly. And all there is in the law, and not beat beat, and torture not tortured. Only one problem: how to divide the food? Muslims have food Muslim, Christians, Christian, Jewish Jews, Buddhists – Buddhist. And in his speech sounded interesting words: “our asset” and “ashamed,” wrote Elena Abdullayev.

According to Guslyannikova, the prisoners themselves do not want to comply with the internal regulations of correctional institutions, do not want to be on duty, and quarrel with the administration, and then complain in PMC. The human rights activist reminded that, in accordance with the route map prepared by human rights defenders, the region is considered “torture”. “Or we do not understand something, or he decided that no one knows anything about Mordovia!” – said Abdullayev.

The human rights activist Zoya Svetova, filed documents in the PMC Mordovia, wrote,
which of the Mordovian colonies she “often call prisoners, they complain of torture and humiliation and beg for help”.

“ONK of Mordovia included only 9 people, although it was filed 16 applications. I was not included in the PMC Mordovia, as not included in other regional commissions a well-known human rights activists who rescued the prisoners from torture, beatings, extortion, sought to initiate criminal proceedings against those officers of colonies who participated in all these crimes,” said Svetova. She believes that the seizure of the PMC security forces “there is nothing surprising”, this is a consequence of the “law on public control”, which regulates the activity of the PMC, adopted eight years ago. “Over the years, human rights defenders, who visited the prison, became in Russia a foreign body. They provoked the Federal penitentiary service, Federal security service and the investigative authorities,” explained light.

Not included in POC the human rights activist Karetnikova went to work in the FPS 03.11.2016

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