The Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation is going to check on the extremism of the Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich, located in the center of Moscow. According to “Novaya Gazeta”, a notification was received by the management of the Museum. It is noted that in a publication a copy of the document.

An unscheduled inspection at the request of the Ministry of culture will be held from 1 to 29 of June this year, said “Novaya Gazeta”. Subject to verification is, among other things, “identify the presence (absence) in the actions of the organization of signs of extremism” and financial-economic activities of the organization.

Vice-President of the International centre of the Roerichs (ICR), Alexander Stetsenko, suggested in an interview with “NEZAVISIMAYA Gazeta” that the test is part of the plan of the state in the person of the Ministry of culture “for raider capture” of the monument of architecture – the Lopukhins ‘ estate, where from 1980-ies houses the public Museum of Roerich.

According to “Novaya Gazeta” on the eve of the Museum there has arrived the Commission, consisting of employees of the Museum of Oriental art, which demanded the release and transfer in their use of one of the buildings of the estate, recently appeared in Federal ownership. However, the Museum refused to comply with the requirements. Now the parties are going to fight for the right to property in court.

The public Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich was created in the late 80-ies. It is located in the Lopukhins ‘ estate at Maly Znamensky pereulok, 3/5, building 4. During this time it underwent restoration work, which was headed by Irina Lyubimova. Implemented project combined the facades and interiors of the estate from different eras of its existence. The East main facade with a portico was returned to its classic look, and overlooking the courtyard the West facade – the appearance of the XVII century with some details of the XVIII century.

On the website ICR notes that all work was done thanks to the help of patrons and numerous friends of the Museum, without any funding from the state, “which confirms the viability and effectiveness of social forms of organization culture”.

However, as noted in the ICR, the Ministry of culture and the State Museum of the East “did not want to put up with the loss of the ability to dispose of cultural property” transferred by Svetoslav Roerich to the public Museum. “Officials not only refused to do the will of Svetoslav Roerich and return to the International centre of the Roerichs 288 paintings of N. K. and S. N. Roerich, but also sought to take over the rest of the ICR bequeathed heritage of the Roerichs”, – stated in the message on the center’s website.

“Perhaps, in the world there are no more examples to the Ministry designed to protect the culture and with it the state Museum, sought to destroy the other Museum – public”, – summarized in the ICR.

Novaya Gazeta: the Ministry of justice will check the Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich on extremism 13.05.2016

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