Novolipetsk steel (NLMK) has complained to Dmitry Medvedev on the statements of “Gazprom” that the gas price in Russia is too low and subsidizing the economy. This information was the argument for the introduction by the US of countervailing duties against Russian steel companies.

The corresponding letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in mid-may wrote the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the owner of NLMK Vladimir Lisin, the newspaper “Kommersant”. The letter notes that in 2015 against Russian exporters used a “new tool of the trade fight” – the countervailing duty investigation, the results of which sets fees on the basis of evidence of state subsidies received by the exporter.

In the future, said Lisin, this tool can be used against any exporter.

In this regard, Vladimir Lisin requests the government to assist in the exclusion from all public sources of information on subsidising Russian industry, prenociste or low level of gas prices”. The government is studying the situation.

As examples of information disclosure are some links to materials on the website of “Gazprom”, published in 2011-2013. All of them are already deleted or fixed (part was in the cache of search engines), with the exception of the report of “Gazprom” for 2013. At the same time, the newspaper notes, in “Gazprom” officially promised to continue to publish “an objective picture of the pricing.

The author recalls that the Russian companies are trying to close the information, citing the claims of West, not for the first time. So, “Gazprom” and “Rosneft” recently has tried to deduce from-under actions of the law on purchases of state companies intra-group purchases, the purchase of real estate and transactions with foreign banks. The company explained this by the fact that on the background of sanctions, the disclosure may harm their work.

Later, the government invited the companies to decide for themselves what to disclose in the annual reports. The Ministry agreed with the concerns about publishing sensitive data may adversely affect the activities of state-owned companies. Experts ‘ opinions on this issue diverged.

Novolipetsk requests the government to close the data about the subsidization of the economy 22.06.2016

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