The Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Gorodetsky, the members of the regional government and heads of municipalities visited the mobilization meeting on Shilovsky military firing range and practiced shooting from different weapons.

At this workshop, held from 12 to 14 October, was practiced skills of cooperation between authorities, law enforcement agencies and defense companies in the special provisions. On the last day of the mobilization training Gorodetsky examined samples of modern weapons, military equipment and technology and took part in the shooting, reported on the website of the regional government.

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Among other things, the Governor showed an imager and an armored car “Tiger”, equipped with a grenade launcher, according to the website “NGS.News”. Gorodetsky decided to try out this weapon in action. He also did some shooting from a Makarov pistol. And the most apt officials gave letters of thanks and valuable gifts. The names of the “snipers” portal calls.

Recall that in November 2014, defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has decided to train governors and mayors in case of war. He then asked President Vladimir Putin to oblige the heads of regions and cities to be trained at the Academy of the General staff of the armed forces, “the two-week mobilization readiness and management subject at the time of mobilization.” Sources at the Academy explained that governors and mayors have to learn the “minimum basics” of management of the region at the time of mobilization in case of war, but in practice, this knowledge will be tested during the military exercises.

After a year in this Academy began training of the Federal and regional authorities and organizations (state-owned companies) with the purpose of a comprehensive update of their knowledge “in the planning of mobilization training and mobilization, including to ensure the mobilization deployment of the armed forces”. For this purpose developed a special program that includes the study of public administration, national security, military economy, military management and information security, according to a defense Ministry.

In August of this year, the willingness of the Federal Executive bodies to work in the wartime assessed as part of the regular unannounced inspections of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. In mobilization activities within the audit of the armed forces, attended the structural units of the Ministry of communications, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of industry and trade, reserve and the Bank of Russia.

Novosibirsk Governor fired from a grenade launcher on the mobilization meeting (PHOTO) 14.10.2016

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