In the Serbsky Institute held a third psychiatric examination of the Novosibirsk teenager Mark K., who brutally murdered 15-year-old Karina Zalesovo. The girl was invited to a party to celebrate the day of birth of the suspect.

During the examination, the sexologist Institute has identified the teenager likely sadistic. Perhaps this deviation is manifested in the boy since childhood, but relatives did not pay attention to strange behavior of the son, writes LifeNews.

“Psychiatric examination recognized 16-year-old Mark K. partially sane. That means he could realize what he was doing, but not in full, – said the source. This was the second examination on a given patient at our Institute. The first time the findings do not let the lack of some medical documentation”.

Mark was diagnosed with schizotypal disorder. “Now he has mood smooth, even somewhat elated,” he added.

After medical examination of resonant criminal case will go to court. If it is considered that the accused gave a report what was happening and understood the consequences of their actions, it will be punished in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 10 years.

If the court finds that the juvenile is only partially sane, he might be sentenced to compulsory treatment.

In the Serbsky Institute declined to comment on the results of the third examination, writes “Sib.FM”.

The Murder Of Karina

Loud murder has occurred in Novosibirsk August 28, 2015. The sophomore Karina Zalesovo found with his throat slit in the cottage the well-known Novosibirsk businessman Igor Konkova – the owner of one of the largest in Novosibirsk steel fabrication facility. Konikowo also owns 11 companies in Novosibirsk are engaged in the processing of metals and construction. Revenue is only one of these companies is 600 million rubles a year.

On suspicion in Commission of crime was arrested the son of the owner mark. He had earlier met with the deceased girl, and on the day of her murder celebrated his sixteenth birthday. Karina came to a former lover, to congratulate him.

The investigator asked the teen to elect a measure of restraint in form of detention. However, on August 29, the Pervomaisky district court of Novosibirsk has passed the decision on house arrest of the “major killers”, as Mark called in the press. Only towards the middle of September, the teenager still being detained.

It is established that the grader Karina was severely beaten before death, and also stabbed her several wounds. The girl had bled to death. Then the killer put his finger to her dead Karina and iPhone, unlocking the phone, called a friend. Mark he in detail told about the crime.

Mark K. in every way parents are protecting him. In their version, the son and his ex-girlfriend were going to commit double suicide. Mark allegedly killed the girl at her request and then tried to hang himself, but his father pulled him out of the loop.

“I raised all my children equally, I believe that he’s mentally ill, said the mother of the suspect, psychologist Natalia Konkova. Just as until recently there were no such manifestations.”

However, experts refuted the version of a suicide attempt Mark K.

While the accused was in the Serbian Institute, Karina’s parents got an appointment with the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin. The Minister took under his personal control, made significant comments to the investigators Pershamaiski Department of Novosibirsk, and also ordered to transfer materials to the Department for investigation of particularly important cases.

As he told the godmother of the victim Marina Grebenkina, Karina met mark on the Internet. They share a passion for books, and a few months the students communicated only via Skype, reported the news Agency “the Courier.Wednesday.Berdsk”.

When mark first appeared in the home of Karina, he scoffed at her family because of their religiosity. In the end, the girl became ashamed of their beliefs and to remove the stitch, leaving for Brand. In personal correspondence the student-book lover claimed that “Orthodox women should be killed”. And from may 2015 mark was blackmailing friend, threatening that you will commit suicide.

In January 2016 rallies were held in several Russian cities, including in Moscow. Participants discussed the lack of results of psychological examinations regarding the Brand. The teenager was twice referred for testing, first in Novosibirsk and then in Moscow. But both of the examination failed.

Novosibirsk student, sarasavi girl on his birthday, is recognized as prone to sadism 29.03.2016

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