In Novosibirsk in dormitories of Novosibirsk state University (NSU), was distribution of free condoms in the framework of the campaign “Stop AIDS”. However, the students found that part of the packages of condoms as a deadline by which you need to use them, was listed October 2016, according to NGS.News.

Thus, students suggested using condoms with expired expiration date. According to accepted in Russia standards, the shelf life of the goods that exceeds three months, it continues until the first day of the specified month.

Other packages of condoms that were distributed to the students in Novosibirsk, the expiry date was generally erased. According to students, the hostel N4 before on watch lay the Contex condoms brands and Legard in pleated packages and for them it was impossible to lament the expiration date.

In the hostels, N10, N8/1 N8/2 students suggested the use of condoms in size XXL and “ribbed with dots”, the expiration date on them was set to October 2016. The leaflets explained that the condoms distributed in the framework of the campaign against the spread of AIDS. However, the action lasted not for long – a few hours later the condom was removed.

In a press-service NSU was unable to answer the question, who is the organizer of the action of distributing condoms to students.

Note that, for example, in United States action on distribution of free condoms in the fight for the reduction in the number of sexually transmitted diseases, are held regularly. Of course, condoms have an unexpired shelf life. Moreover, such actions include not only students, but also students.

So, a few years ago, California launched a campaign on free distribution of condoms. To save the children from embarrassment when buying condoms at the pharmacy, which can lead ultimately to the refusal to purchase the rubber products according to the request on the Internet sent by mail.

Program Condom Access Project, overseen by the California Council on family health, funded by the Federal centers for control and prevention of diseases. Along with 10 condoms monthly to children sent brochures about safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases. During the campaign were sent to more than 90 thousand condoms.

We will remind, on Monday the Russian press announced important news regarding condoms. As it became known, the Ministry has allowed the realization in Russia of several types of condom brand Durex, the sale of which were previously prohibited. The Durex condoms disappeared from the Russian pharmacy in may. It turned out that the health Ministry has temporarily banned to sell them because of problems with registration documentation from the British supplier.

Durex is one of the market leaders, it have 25% of condom sales in Russia, 40% from Contex and about 10% have Vizit.

Novosibirsk students in the framework of the campaign “Stop AIDS” handed out expired condoms 12.10.2016

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